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11-12hh bombproof first ridden superstar

We are looking for a smart m and m first ridden pony for our six year old daughter

Ideally nice enough to show but more importantly also fun for pony club and fun shows pop a little pole , hacking out etc

We are a farm home with lots of other horses offering a top class loving long term and knowledgeable home

Must be great to handle, load, travel etc absolutely no naughties please!

Older pony who has been there seen it done it etc probably fits our bill

Can provide great references for anyone who, like us, finds it terribly hard to let faithful friends move on ??

Would prefer a kickalong pony but if can step up a gear as child improves that would be fab but the safe steady type is what we are after

Interested in purchase, loan or lease but need to be sure pony is right for our job so videos would also be appreciated

Thank you for looking and please call me or email me with details. As we live in Northern Scotland the more info the better!


07725 256828 (P)
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Ride & Drive Shetland
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  • He is always pleased to see you and goes everywhere with a smile on his face
  • Purchased from a driving home, where he was being driven daily out on the country lanes and in heavy traffic
  • Never strong, sharp or silly – totally unflappable

Ride & Drive Shetland

Shetland, Piebald, Gelding, 12 years, 91 centimetres

36 inch 12 years piebald (mainly black) 

A really special little person, who really is an absolute pleasure to own

I cannot speak highly enough of this charming pony’s temperament - He is never any trouble and is always easy to do

Adorable, unflappable, kind and gentle are just some of his middle names

100% for a tiny child to play with, wash, brush, oil, pick feet out, dress up and drag around the yard!

Doesn't bite, kick or look for tipbits 

Excellent to catch, box (trailer and lorry), with the farrier and in the stable

He is always pleased to see you and goes everywhere with a smile on his face

Lives on his own or with company and gets on with everyone

Purchased from a driving home, where he was being driven daily out on the country lanes and in heavy traffic

Never strong, sharp or silly

Sadly, we don’t have time to drive as much as we had hoped and is therefore wasted with us 

Looking for a 5* home for a really super little pony 

Short video clip and more photos available 

A real little gem


07813 401093 (Hereford) (P)
South West
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We’ve put together our top tips to help you avoid being caught out:

  1. Check very carefully the authenticity of any e-mail, especially from abroad. 
  2. Searching the email address on Google can sometimes let you know if the enquiry is from a genuine buyer.
  3. Horses and ponies are almost never purchased unseen, buyers offering to do so should be approached with extreme caution 
  4. Do not deal with buyers proposing to transfer more money than required, as this is money laundering!
  5. Always ask for the buyers full name, telephone number, and address 
  6. Do not part with goods until payment has completely cleared 
  7. If you are suspicious of an enquiry then notify the Internet Service Provider from which the email was sent 
  8. Steer clear of money transfer services, such as Western Union and MoneyGram, which make money instantly available. Instead, opt for PayPal which will hold the payment until both parties are happy
  9. Do not pass on your personal information, such as your address until you are sure the other party is legitimate
  10. Keep a paper trail and always get a receipt 
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Increasing numbers of internet advertisers are receiving emails from bogus buyers, attempting to scam sellers

This tactic is a worldwide problem; however it would appear to be on the rise in the equine industry, targeting everything from horses and ponies for sale, to horseboxes, trailers and tack


We've been informed of a new email scam doing the rounds. This time the scam email in commonly coming from ‘Travis Bennett’ & 'Cynthia PT', asking a list of questions & offering to transfer a deposit and payment for shipping. Please ignore this email and if you have time report it to Action Fraud, for more details click HERE 

In another instance the scammer will contact you via email asking if your horse is still for sale, this will be followed by an email containing 23 questions as shown on the picture on the left. Please do not respond to this email. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and rest assured we are doing our best to combat this.

Another scam which is particularly common, is  when theadvertiser is contacted about an item, asking for more images, and then once the images have been received the bogus buyer will agree to send a cheque for the full amount.  At this point the seller is asked to email their full contact details to enable the buyer to send payment. The seller is then contacted again saying that the cost of shipping has accidently been included on the cheque, and could the seller forward the cost of shipment onto a courier, which is also bogus 

These scams can vary, however emails are often written in broken English and written in an over friendly style.  We urge HorseQuest customers to respond to email enquiries with caution. If something sounds too good to be true, it often is!

If you think you’ve been scammed then we strongly recommend that you contact the police





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