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  • Super 138 Competition Pony
    More Info Super 138 Competition Pony
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    Super 138 Competition Pony
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    • Qualified Blue Chip Novice Championships 2015
    • Qualified British Novice 2nd Rounds
    • Competed NSEA Teams
    • Pony Club, Dressage, Cross Country

    Super 138 Competition Pony

    Reliable Uncomplicated Schoolmistress

    Chestnut, Mare, 14 years, 13.2 hands

    Fantastically reliable school mistress, she is a super balanced steady ride

    Jumps everything from fillers to water trays. Will happily pop a cross pole or jump competitively around a 90 track with scope for more

    She lives on a working farm so used to all types of heavy machinery from 40 tonne lorries to quad bikes. Hacks alone or in company and is never silly over open ground

    Easy to do in all ways, loads herself into a box or trailer, happily lives in or out, good to clip & shoe

    This delightful little mare has never let us down, she has talent with manners and has been a privilege to own - she deserves nothing less than a 5* competitive home

    Sadly for sale as now hopelessly outgrown


    07968 041855 (P)
    South East
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  • Childs Dream Pony
    More Info Childs Dream Pony
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    Childs Dream Pony
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    • Careful quick show jumper with countless wins at pony club/unaffiliated level.
    • Jumps 90cm tracks with ease.
    • Done all Pony Club Activites.
    • Rosette Machine.
    • All ways been picked for pony club teams

    Childs Dream Pony

    Amazing ShowJumper

    Welsh Part Bred, Black, Mare, 16 years, 13.2 hands

    Rosie is the dream pony for a confident child who likes speed

    She has no vices. Fantastic to load in wagon or trailer and travels just as well. Easy to clip and shoe

    Sad sale due to owner being hopelessly overgrown. Price includes full wardrobe. A 5 star home is essential

    Good on hacks alone or with company and is used to large machinery noise and people as she lives on a working farm

    Rosie loves to jump, she takes her jockey to the fence and is amazing against the clock. She comes home with a placing at most events. She is fit, well and ready to go out and win

    Rosie is very bold at cross country and not phased by ditches or water

    Has attended pc camp for several years

    £4,500 ONO

    07885 488995 (P)
    North West
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  • talented 138
    More Info talented 138
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    talented 138
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    • Talented
    • Eyecatching
    • Had 3 double clears for novice

    talented 138

    genuine 138 to make top track 138

    Irish, Bay, Gelding, 7 years, 13.2 hands (LHC)

    Striking good looking JD show jumper, covers the ground very well, 3 good paces

    Huge jump, jumped top of our wings at 125cm no problem

    Easy box clip catch, forward uphill pace

    Done stepping stones, 3 Double clears in novice for this year, jumped discovery

    Not been hammered, brought on slowly, will do big track with the right jockey

    Vice free, open to vet, winning £65 points 36

    Fantactic opportunity for the right jockey, jumped spooktakular, big pony prem Arena in feb 15, been to trailblazers as a 5 year old jumped clear

    Owned for 2 years so sad sale as we have produced him

    £6,000 ono

    07974 915678 (P)
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  • 138cm consistent top track pony
    More Info 138cm consistent top track pony
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    138cm consistent top track pony
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    • Jumped hoys qualifier with ease into 3rd rounds
    • Qualified highland show 2013 /2014
    • Scottish team 2013/2014
    • Straight pony absolutely no vices
    • Missed qualifying hickstead by 1

    138cm consistent top track pony

    reduced price

    Irish Sports Pony, Brown, Gelding, 13 years, 138 centimetres (LHC)
    This is a heartbreaking sale of my daughters best friend

    This pony has given her the confidence in the time we have owned him to jump from 80cm to the top 138cm tracks

    He is a very easy pony to work with just loves his job no fence is big enough for him

    The best is yet to come from this guy, serious 138 contender for hoys in the future with the right jockey!

    Jumped HOYS qualifiers this year, with ease

    He is a total gentleman in the stable and no trouble at all when at shows


    He is a good fun pony ready to give somebody else all the fun he has given my daughter

    Please no time waiters this is a genuinely heartbreaking sale

    Pony jumped all HOYS qualifiers with ease was just very unlucky 

    £8,000 ono

    07971404272 (P)
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  • Nats Lass
    More Info Nats Lass
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    Nats Lass
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    • 2 times winner of the Tiny Tots Championships
    • HOYS finalist and a total MEGASTAR
    • Quick and Carefull

    Nats Lass

    One in a million

    Grey, Mare, 20 years, 12.2 hands (LHC)

    Lucy is quite a quirky little mare, who likes a rider that wants to win

    My daughter started out in stepping stones when she was 7 and qualified her for scope four years running, winning the Tiny Tots championship in 2013. A title she had already claimed with her previous rider in 2011

    She has the ability to jump the bigger tracks as she qualified HOYS in 2012 when we lent her to her previous owner, she qualifed by winning 1st time out and came 3rd in the direct qualifier at W&W. jumping all 3 rounds at each qualifier

    She is quite quirky but thats just her attitude, you get her on your side and she will be your best friend

    Due to my ever growing daughter she is sadly outgrown


    07795 115700 (P)
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  • Cluedo III
    More Info Cluedo III
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    Cluedo III
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    • All Foxhunter Double Clears for 2015
    • Winner Adventurer final Scope 2014
    • Has the potential to jump the big tracks
    • Qualified Hickstead 2015 with a triple clear

    Cluedo III

    QUALIFIED Hickstead JC 2015

    Chestnut, Gelding, 13 years, 14.2 hands

    147.7cm Norwegian gelding

    Approx 750 points (Actual £1865)

    • Qualified Hickstead JC 2015 with a triple clear

    This stunning pony is very easy to do in all ways, hacks, clip, etc..

    Lovely on the flat

    Cluedo is very careful pony and is a technician over a fence

    • All Foxhunter Double Clears for 2015
    • Winner Adventurer final Scope 2014
    • Qualified Foxmaster 2014 
    • Blue Chip Sparkle 2014
    • 8th POYS JC Grand Prix 2013 
    • Qualified JC Hickstead 2012
    • Qualified Newcomers HOYS 2012
    • Has the potential to jump the big tracks

    This pony is an absolute gentleman in and out of the stable and we would love him to go to a 5 * home

    £22,000 offers - must sell as daughter is off ponies

    07968 841486 or 01454 327433 (10 mins from Badminton, Glos) (P)
    South West
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Has vacancies for horses taken in to compete and sell on behalf of owners

Always has a good selection of quality horses for sale from novice to Int G Prix level including broodmares and youngstock

Always looking for quality show jumpers of any grade

Private training and residential training available


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Rock on Sally!!
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  • Excellent against the clock!
  • Currently jumping 1m clear
  • Registered for SJI this year
  • Sad sale due to rider outgrown
  • No vices, quiet to shoe, box, clip and hack Well mannered in the stable

Rock on Sally!!

A switched on competition pony!

Mare, 11 years, 13.2 hands

Sally is an 11 year old, super talented mare, with lots of potential

She is very safe to ride, and excellent against the clock

She has previously been ridden by an inexperienced rider

She is registered now for SJI and just has just completed her first two shows this year with all clears and placing 1st, 4th and 6th in the 1m class

She has won many school shows, team and individual, and many local shows at 90 and 1m

Not a beginners pony

Measured for life

5* home


07855 824009 (P)
Northern Ireland
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Tullibards Winning Mood
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  • Qualified Blue Chip Coral 2013
  • Qualified Discovery Championships 2014
  • Qualified RR 1m Championships 2014
  • Jumped for Team Suffolk at Weston Lawns Academy Show
  • Done all Pony Club activities

Tullibards Winning Mood


Connemara, Dapple grey, Gelding, 7 years

Oliver is one if the most genuine ponies you will ever meet

He has been with us for 3 years and has taken my daughter from nervously jumping 80cm to happily jumping Foxhunters

He has a bold, scopey jump and is definitely not a stopper, he is always willing to please and will look after even the most novice of jockeys

Oliver will happily go to a Pony Club rally one day, hunt the next and then go out and jump a Foxhunter

He has lovely paves and very bold cross country, so he could easily event

Only for sale because rider will shortly be moving onto horses

He will be sorely missed, whoever buys this pony will have him for life. 5* homes only

Tack negotiable

£10,000 ONO

07973 469956 (P)
South East
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  • Smart looking, a real head turner
  • Competed successfully unaffiliated ODE’s and progressed to be towards the end of last season doing 3 BE0's Calmsden, West Wilts and Dauntsey
  • His best is yet to come, untapped potential


Connemara, Grey, Gelding, 6 years, 14.2 hands

Smart looking, a real head turner

By Oisin top Connemara performance stallion in Ireland

Super allrounder won his only indoor prelim dressage comp

Always good marks 20's or early 30's. Has real presence, judges love him

Competed successfully unaffiliated ODE’s and progressed to be towards the end of last season doing 3 BE0's Calmsden, West Wilts and Dauntsey

Ready to upgrade to BE100 this season coming.

Not spooky jumps any fillers, water trays etc... Jumps 1.10 at home with scope to burn

Excels in cross country, bold and 100% genuine always makes time never had a jumping fault

Straight as a die at skinnies, corners, banks, water. Safe not strong snaffle mouthed.

Placed locally in area eventing this spring

Low maintenance pony can live in or out just as happy either way. Good to shoe box clip etc

His best is yet to come, untapped potential, genuine reason for sale through no fault of his own

Dressage saddle available to buy separately


07880 791896 (P)
South West
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  • MADGES JANE LADY Irish Sports Pony, Grey, Mare, rising 9 years, 128 centimetres (LHC)
  • She has competed and jumped all the big tracks (1.10m) with her previous rider and qualified and competed in the RDS (Dublin Horse Show)
  • She has amassed almost 1000 SJI points already



Grey, Mare, 8 years, 128 centimetres (LHC)

This pony has probably more points than any pony in the entire country its age

At 8 years old she has amassed almost 1000 SJI points already!

She has competed and jumped all the big tracks (1.10m) with her previous rider and qualified and competed in the RDS (Dublin Horse Show)

She is a busy bee, loves to jump, takes the jockey to the fence and has scope to burn

In her class, she is probably the fastest and most careful 128 on 4 legs - Her record speaks for itself

Incredible pony against the clock for a capable rider and she will get you in the placings every time

My jockey just started riding 2 years ago and has had so much success with this pony including multiple wins at all the HPI’s this year

She WON almost every time out including her National Class at the European Pony Championships at Millstreet this year

Hacks in company or alone and isn't bothered by any traffic. Rider now out of 128’s

Loves to be groomed, washed and pampered but as soon as she gets in the arena she knows her job

£12,000 ono

07846 109988 (P)
Northern Ireland
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12.2hh chestnut pony full loan
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  • Loves cross country, hacking & show jumping
  • Superstar pony to shoe, box, clip, groom, great in traffic out hacking
  • Small area for turn out with limited ponies as nervie when bring in so we keep to 4 in his field

12.2hh chestnut pony full loan

Superstar pony confident 8 / 9 year old

Welsh Section A, Chestnut, Gelding, 11 years, 12.2 hands

Scooby is one in a million pony in so many ways

He loves children show jumping ,cross country,hacking 100% safe in traffic.He is in a 5* livery yard with all facilities godstone area

Scooby is not a novice ride after being out he can step down a gear and plod round happily for my 4 year old

When it comes to show jumping he needs a confident rider in the saddle to ride him not sit there lazy riders no good he is a cracking pony with so much to give he has made my 9 year old the rider she is today

His comfort zone is 90cm I wouldn't push any higher he will jump pony Discovery British Novice tracks spreads fillers happily with a confident rider not some one who is not confident on top

I'd really like a little confident girl with a knowledgable family to take him hacking jumping have lessons and really enjoy this little fella I won't SELL Scooby he is only full loan unless two people come who are friends and want to part loan each together

Please contact me for any questions I have children and will only be honest with you no time wasters


07790 822302 (P)
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  • Show jumped at HOYS as a 128
  • Qualified RI first time out as a 13H WHP
  • Stepped in last minute as a dressage pony
  • Qualified Graham Heath in 2 shows
  • Qualified GP intermediate class at POYS
  • Very low mileage only just out of BN due to other disciplines
  • Top class pony club school master




Sold to a very talented jockey xxx good luck xxx

Welsh Section C, Liver chestnut, Gelding, 11 years, 13 hands (LHC)
Hywi The Colonel   
Hywi Moonlight   

HYWI MASTERMAN is a full up 128cm /13h Welsh Section C

This amazing pony we have only scratched the surface with , and now my son is out of 128's and we are concentrating on show jumping and not workers we have made the decision to sell Dodger , we thought we could hang on to him to do the 2015 workers , but realistically we'd be selfish hanging on to him just for them as we can only get out to a few a year . Having said that we did first RI qualifier 2015 and Dodger was 2 nd and on same marks as the pony that won and qualified , that was the pony that won RI 2014.

We purchased Dodger with the intent to show jump the big 128 tracks seeing as Dodger had Qualified Hoys previously. My son being really tiny at the time and Dodger being quite some stamp of a pony this was a gamble i' ll be honest when I saw him I thought if we can't get him going with little Connor BS then we'll have a go at workers , What happened next was brilliant !!

We took our time with Dodger , lots of lessons and not many shows , just to build up Connors confidence , the more work we did with Dodger the Whp started to shine through , so as Connor was entered in one of the last HOYS qualifier of 2013 on his shetland we decided to enetr Dodger with my other son Kallum for a 'lets see what he does show ', WELL Dodger unbelievably in his first ever Hoys WHP and had the same score as the pony that came 2nd at this time he def wasn't up to weight ! jumped a beautiful clear and was impeccably behaved in his foot perfect show

Next came the x2 dc Graham Heaths , in the first few weeks of Jan , being a family that do several disciplines , we then went back to the workers , the first RI qualifier on the 2nd Feb we went to to see how we stood for either continuing workers or sticking with BS , unbelievably Dodger won and qualified for Royal International first attempt out !!

Our next big BS show was POYS and Dodger once again pulled it out the bag for tiny Connor.  They both Qualified the 128 intermediate GP and had a brill show ! Connor and Dodger went on to jump the last few HOYS 128 bs tracks jumping pretty much all the way round but struggled to the last

Dodger then went to Royal international for the workers and jumped foot perfect clear all the way to the last but one fence , a double where he lost his footing and skidded into fence, completely my fault as when i took studs out 1 out of 4 remained !!

Basically I cant stress how versatile this pony is , he's been borrowed by friends for novice dressage championships , jumped the HOYS workers and been to HOYS jumping the 128 BS big track . We weren't successful BS HOYS tracks wise with Dodger but the pony certainly has it there , my son was just too tiny , and I'm not a knowledgeable mum in any discipline , just love being out there doing it ! Dodger is only just out of BN

As for WHP , the results we've had with him always in the top are totally home produced and god knows his untapped potential this Is an awesome pony that has been in our pony club home for the last 18months!

My boys compete in lots of different disciplines hence all our ponies have had low milage .

He is a saint to catch load travel etc , the kids can tack him up and catch him , he is a good weight carrier , and mum hacks him out , he jumps 1.10 and schools beautiful on the flat , doesn't need working in or calmers ,

He would be an asset to any pony club , would make all the teams and be great for the Gosling cup .

Comes with a beautiful worker saddle fylde bridle and rugs......  we adore this pony and want loving home for him pls

Dodger is being totally wasted sitting there waiting for us to take him to a show , price has been drastically reduced because of this , no sensible offer will be refused , but understandably the best home for Dodger is of up most importance !

Up to date on back teeth feet and vaccs, open to full vetting

07967 331015 (Essex) (P)
South East
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Talented 14.2hh
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  • SFAS HOYS winner 2012
  • 4th at RIHS 2013
  • Qualified HOYS 2013 as an open
  • Outstanding jumper

Talented 14.2hh

Hideaway jamaica inn

Arab Part Bred, Liver chestnut, Gelding, 10 years, 147.5 centimetres (LHC)
Ardenhall Missoni  Lechlade Quince 
Ardenhall Miss Dior 
Hideaway May Mirackle  Diptford Star Attraction 
Blachford Orange Blossom 

We have owned this fantastic pony for four years, he has taken my daughter on from winning search for a star at HOYS to competing at HOYS as an open show pony and coming 4th at RIHS

Jimmy has proven himself as a home produced pony competing against the top ponies by taking many wins and championships

Jimmy has just started his jumping career last summer and proving to be very careful and scopey, he has won and taken champion at one of his first working hunter shows and could be a top class workers pony or a BSJA pony

Jimmy has no vices, lovely pony to do in all ways, snaffle mouthed 

Must go to a 5* home only, a heartbreaking sale as my daughter is out of classes

Re-advertised due to timewaster

Vet checked - Serious enquiries only


07779 310039 (P)
North West
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Stunning proven event / pony club / dressage pony
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  • Super smart Dutch warmblood x with the wow factor
  • Full up 148cm with LHC. Perfect conformation, clean limbs, no lumps or bumps
  • Established, balanced paces combined with a lovely soft outline and self carriage
  • Proven unaffiliated dressage record with scores in the 70%, would affiliate BD or BYRDS
  • Genuine Scopey jump. Easily jumping round 105 tracks with scope to go higher and would BSJA
  • Superb xc machine, jumps everything in a lovely manner
  • Real push button school master allrounder who really knows his job
  • Done 2 years in the Quorn pony club
  • Lovely safe hack alone and in company
  • Exceptional temperament, very easy to handle in all ways, lovely character

Stunning proven event / pony club / dressage pony

Established in all disciplines and very level headed and ridable

Dutch Warmblood, Bay, Gelding, 10 years, 14.2 hands
Elegant  Eduard 
Corola  Chazizz 
Carinda x 

Top class, athletic, super talented Dutch warmblood x gelding that has it all. Eddy is a stunning, very eye catching pony with a real wow factor. He has excellent conformation, clean limbs and no lumps or bumps. He is a brilliant alrounder/eventer who is established at all disciplines and a real school master to ride. He has a life height certificate of 148cm, he is more like 15h. So he has the advantage of being able to compete in all pony classes, combined with being a nice size, making him a lovely mother/daughter share as well as a competition pony

Eddy is a lovely established ride on the flat with super correct paces and a lovely outline and self carriage. He has a very elegant way of going and catches the eye where ever he goes. He has a relaxed swinging walk with a big over track, an elevated trot and an amazing uphill cater that you can sit to all day. Eddy is a real school master to ride and gives his rider confidence. He is working at novice/elementary level and is knows lateral work and flying changes. He has competed unaffiliated dressage and pony club dressage with high scores in the 70's and extremely pleasing comments from the judges. He has all the makings to make a top class BD or BYRDS pony as he is very trainable, ridable and loves his job. Eddy always aims to please and is very willing across all disciplines. He would be very suitable for a small adult wanting to progress well in BD with an established small horse

Eddy loves to jump and has a very bold scopy jump and is always genuine. He is very rideable into a fence and maintains a nice steady rhythm throughout a course. He gives the rider confidence as will never refuse or run out and will take off on a short or long stride to get his rider out of trouble. He will happily jump fillers, water trays, coloured and rustic fences. Eddy has competed unaffiliated sj competitions jumping around tracks up to 105cm. He has enough scope to affiliate JA. He has been apart of the Quorne pony club for 2 years with his previous owner where he competed across a wide range of pony club activities and show jumped to represent the pony club

Eddy is super at cross country. he jumps round in a lovely rhythm in a snaffle and really takes his rider into and over the fences. He jumps everything from timbres to hedges, ditches and water complexes. he gives his rider a super feel. He has done lots of hunter trails and unaffiliated one day events. He would definately affiliated BE as he is excellent at all 3 disciplines and a lovely model with plenty of blood

Eddy is excellent to hack. He will hack alone or in company and is always a pleasure. He is not spooky and never naps. Very good with traffic and excellent in open spaces. Has done beech and pleasure rides. He would be suitable as a mother daughter share for mum to hack and for daughter to compete and pony club

Eddy has a superb, loveable temperament and is very uncomplicated in all respects. He has lots of character and loves to be everyones best friend. Excellent to load, travel, groom, bath, shoe, clip etc. can live in or out and mixes well with other horses. Sad sale of our perfect competition pony who has so much to offer someone. Must go to a 10* home where he is sure to make his new owner very happy


07896 502959 (P)
East Midlands
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  • qualified for Badminton Grassroots Regional Final Autumn 2015
  • 1st Stonar schools ODE also won best dressage in his arena
  • 1st PC ODE @ Eridge
  • 1st BE 80T @ Ascott under Wychwood
  • 5th BE90 @ Eridge
  • 5th BE90 @ Chilham Castle
  • 2nd BE90 U18 @ Little Downham



Bay, Gelding, 9 years, 14 hands
Annaghmore Boomerang   

By Annaghmore Boomerang

Sox is a very smart competition pony established in all disciplines

  • BS 581 points
  • BE 18 FP

Many more placing’s too numerous to mention

Been on numerous School/Pony Club Teams and represented PC at Area Dressage and Eventing a real contender for PC Novice Area/Championships in ALL disciplines this year.

He is snaffle mouthed in all disciplines never strong or silly, has hunted last few seasons also in a snaffle and is brave and fearless whilst being impeccably behaved

He is an uncomplicated ride and produces a very good consistent test regularly in the 20’s and could easily go pure dressage

He jumps off a lovely rhythm and is bold XC and very careful show jumper rarely having a pole and has numerous winnings at BS

100% genuine pony in and out of the stable

Clipped, fit and ready to go 

This is a very sad sale as outgrown much sooner than we anticipated - 5* competition home only considered

No texts please or loan / lease requests

£12,950 ovno

Amanda 07809 863000 (P)
South East
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14.2hh jc jumping pony
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  • Winner of HOYS foxhunter championship 2012
  • Qualified Blue Chip Championship 2015
  • Was placed in Blue Chip Championship 2014 JC / JA Sparkle - Still in Foxhunter

14.2hh jc jumping pony

QuickStar De Jochri (377267)

Bay, Gelding, 15 years, 14.2 hands
Winner of HOYS Foxhunter Championship 2012

Qualified Blue Chip Championship 2015

Was placed in Blue Chip Championship 2014  JC / JA Sparkle - Still in Foxhunter

Eligible to jump 2nd round 2015

Hacks out alone or in company

Lovely temperament, clip, shoe & travel

Videos on you tube - Quickstar de jochri 

Would consider deal for a horse

£6,000 ono

07940 660442 Jct 34 M4 (P)
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Pony Club Competition Pony for Sale
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  • Pony club all-rounder
  • Good to shoe, clip, catch and load
  • Bold with scopey jump
  • Fit and ready to go

Pony Club Competition Pony for Sale

Welsh Section B, Chestnut, Gelding, 15 years, 13.2 hands (LHC)
Llangeitho Twerp   
Rosedale Veronique   


Well known in the B&SV pony club, he has done hunter trials, dressage but excels in show jumping. Knows his job and easily jumps 3ft as a course

Went to junior camp in 2013 and senior camp in 2014. He competed at junior area show jumping with a triple clear coming 8th as a team. He has been placed many times in show jumping in heights ranging from 2ft3 to 3ft

Brought my daughter on from complete novice, now sadly outgrown

We are a non-horsey family and he has been great to handle

Good to clip, shoe, load and in traffic. Lives in or out

Forward going so not a first pony

Heaps of potential with the right jockey

£3,250 includes all tack and rugs

01935 851199 / 07973 408026 (P)
South West
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Super quality Sec B
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  • Shown in hand last year and won or placed every time out
  • Exceptional natural jump
  • Has everything needed to make top 128 show jumper and would also make the grade showing

Super quality Sec B

12.1 jumping / showing

Welsh Section B, Grey, Gelding, 4 years, 12.1 hands
Ddeunant Spotlight   Sunbridge agustous 
Ddeunant love light 
dyfrdwy rhosyn gwyn  Aston super star 
Dyfrdwy difyrrwch 

Stunning 12.1 grey gelding 4yrs

Shown in hand last year and won or placed every time out

Exceptional natural jump, very brave and careful. Not spooky and will jump off any stride as he has huge scope

Has been ridden by children age 6

Has everything needed to make top 128 show jumper and would also make the grade showing

Special home wanted for this very special pony

Easy to handle in every way, good in traffic

Sound and viceless


£2,000 Ono

07825 018283 (P)
East Anglia
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Beautiful pony to have lots of fun on.
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  • beautiful grey Connemara
  • careful and clever jumper

Beautiful pony to have lots of fun on.

Connemara, Grey, Gelding, 15 years, 14.2 hands

Has done all pony club camps, rallies and training and is very well behaved

This year has mostly been doing unaffiliated eventing 80/90cm always a double clear. jumps all 'spooky' fences water, trahkeners, ect. loves XC

Has previously successfully BS and has won prize money. has done unaffiliated with us 85-95cm and is always in the jump off

He is NOT for a novice/nervous ride. i have had him for 5 years and would suit either a confident teenager or young adult to have lots of fun on. He just loves his job. Never rears or bucks can be strong when jumping

100% hack alone or in company, shoe, load, catch, clip

Has no vices and is a pleasure to do in all ways

Please no time wasters, has been very sadly outgrown and a 5* home is needed for this lovely boy

£2,800 with full wardrobe

07912 627425 (P)
South West
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Connemara, Grey, Gelding, 5 years, 14.2 hands

Full up 148 Connemara with full papers 

A lovely genuine pony that has hunted with 11 years old girl and done a few training shows and some cross country schooling 

Potential to do any job or make a top class FEI event pony


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Irish Sports Horse, Bay, Gelding, 7 years, 14.2 hands

This super chap would easily affiliate in Show Jumping or British Eventing.

Loves his job, a really hassle free horse - Super to hack on the beach.

Clearing 1.05m with ease. No bother what you put him at; fillers, water, ditches, he does it all.

Low mileage horse with oodles of scope - An ideal mother / daughter share.

Good to shoe, box, clipped, in all traffic.


Tel: 01825 830822 or 07812 188871

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Connemara, Gelding, 7 years, 138 hands

Dinky is a pure bred Connemara with full breeding recorded

  • Sire Kenagh King  
  • Dam Riverside Lady, Class 1

Dinky is a super easy pony in every way with lots of ability ridden in a snaffle

She has show jumped  with great success and has gained  proven show jumping points of 37  

She is very good at cross/country

She is very honest  and while with me she has not put a foot wrong 

She is the type point and go and I think she is idea for somebody  for a starter for show jumping or a super allrounder

She is the one to bring home the red ribbons

Dinky is the one that often takes months to find!

She has no vices and is open to any vetting

She will hack out alone or company and is good in traffic

£3,750 Delivered to the UK


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Fantastic Competition / PC Allrounder
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  • BS registered and placed nearly every time out - jumping dc in British novice
  • Placed first outing xc and schooling round BE xc and portables/water/ditches etc
  • Super hacking - Hacks alone or in company - first or last
  • 100% to box, shoe, catch and in traffic
  • Ready to go in any sphere - selling as very sadly outgrown

Fantastic Competition / PC Allrounder

Rarely unplaced, lovely temperament

Welsh Section B, Chestnut, Gelding, 6 years, 13.1 hands
Weatheroak Manor King Solomon  Broomells Desert Songbird 
Rowlandsford Red Ruby 
Redvale Emerald  Starlyte Royal Minstrel 
Abet reunion Royal Gem 
We have owned Barney since he was a yearling and bought him directly from his breeder.

He has been allowed to grow and mature at his own pace and was professionally backed in 2014.

He jumped his first BS show at Southview in May and jumped a double clear in British Novice.

He is being schooled round the cross country at Keysoe where he jumps everything he is asked to, including cantering through water etc - he was clear and placed at his first cross country event.

He was then turned away and bought back into work in November where he went to a friend to do Pony Club rallies and lots of hacking. He was a superstar, hacking in the dark round fields and lanes!

He came home in February and has been out jumping BS – huge, smooth jump. Pops round an 80 with a novice BS rider on board, jumps the bigger tracks with my daughter and he's fit and ready to go. Just came 3rd in the British Novice  at Brook Farm TC last weekend!

He moves beautifully, very eye catching pony who is a pleasure to have around.

Very sad sale as outgrown so a special home is paramount!! No loans or trials - this is a super pony who will do any job!

£3,500 Ono

07702 175785 (P)
East Anglia
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Super star for sale
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  • Qualified British Novice second rounds 2015
  • Qualified Blue Chip pony Animo Novice 2015

Super star for sale

Skewbald, Gelding, 11 years, 13 hands (AHC)

Puzzle is truly an amazing allround pony

He always tries his best to please and is one of those WOW ponies

He has three very good paces and with a bit of work could do a brilliant dressage test

He is stunning looking and could make an exceptional nursery stakes working hunter pony

He has an unreal amount of scope so could make a pure show jumping pony

Although he is only small he is one of those chunky sorts and rides bigger than 13hands high, he can be strong but he is not stupid or silly

He attended pony club camp with an 11 year old and was amazing

Loves his cross country, goes in and out of water jumps 1m + brush fences and benches with ease

He is for sale through no fault of his own its just that my daughter is now way too big for him

5* home only, home is way more important than price

£3,500 ONO

01257 232363 (P)
North West
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  • Goodness Gracious Me
  • Qualified British Novice Second rounds 2014/15
  • Qualified Discovery Second rounds 2014/15
  • Qualified Scope Progressive 2014
  • Qualified Blue Chip Novice 2015
  • Bolenowes Sweet Melody
  • Qualified Discovery Second rounds 2010/13/14/15
  • Qualified Newcomers Second rounds 2010
  • Qualified Blue Chip Discovery 2014



148cm, 8year old, Welsh section D x, Black, Mare

Grace is a genuine allrounder who will turn her hoof to any discipline. She has mainly competed BSJA which she has done with success and also jumped cross country. She is bold and will jump off the deepest stride. Grace is an uncomplicated ride and would suit all types of rider

She has qualified second rounds 2014 and 2015 after only being registered 18 months and she qualified progressive 2014 and blue chip novice 2015 first attempt. Grace can be pulled out of the field and taken to a show knowing that she will take your child round safely

She is only for sale as daughter is concentrating on GCSE's

She is sold with the ride at blue chip

Offers around £5500



144cm, 12year old, Chestnut, Mare

Melody is an out and out jumping pony who loves to compete and always gives her all. She is a forward ride and a lot of fun but she is not for a novice. Same home for 4 years

She is bold and an excellent speed pony who is consistently in the money. She has qualified discovery second rounds for the past 3 years and has previously competed up to foxhunter successfully and jumped newcomer second rounds, and has two newcomer double clears for 2015.

This is a very difficult sale but she needs to be out competing’

Offers around £3800 


07850 710048 Kent (P)
South East
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