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  • Exmoor
  • Brown
  • Stallion
  • 5 years
  • 12 hands



Ref #: 178418
  • A rare opportunity to buy an outstanding Exmoor Stallion
  • Bournefield Tudor Rose needs no introduction
  • Recent Result - Midland Exmoor Show, 1st in hand stallions, Overall Reserve supreme in hand & 1st novice ridden
  • Exmoor
  • Brown
  • Stallion
  • 5 years
  • 12 hands
  • A rare opportunity to buy an outstanding Exmoor Stallion
  • Bournefield Tudor Rose needs no introduction
  • Recent Result - Midland Exmoor Show, 1st in hand stallions, Overall Reserve supreme in hand & 1st novice ridden

A rare opportunity to buy an outstanding Exmoor Stallion. Bournefield Tudor Rose needs no introduction.

Advertised on behalf of his owner.

Out of Cranbrookpaddocks Sanlucar, by Blackthorn Sea Poacher. Badger is the only stallion out of this dam line that is licensed at present.

Shown in hand by Phillip Ward- Burton from a yearling until 3 years old, Badger has been extremely prolific. Results include :

As a yearling..

  • 1st mixed on his first outing
  • TSR 1st & Reserve Champ
  • Equifest 1st Mixed and 1st Breed class
  • Midland Exmoor Highest Yearling Pony of the Year
  • Rare Breeds 1st & reserve champ.


  • NPS Area XI- 1st & reserve champ.
  • Iceni Native pony show, 1st & supreme 2yr old.
  • Area 7 1st Mixed
  • Area 25, 1st, champion and reserve British Isles supreme
  • Nps champs 1st and reserve champ
  • Midland Exmoor 1st and youngstock POTY champion

3yo.. Windsor 3rd and highest youngstock

  • Area XI 1st mixed
  • Herts 2nd
  • Area 7 2nd mixed
  • Area 25 1st and champion
  • TSR 1st and champion

Badger was slowly broken in last year by me and went to a couple of shows. He was second in his Equifest class, and qualified for the Picton final this year.

NPS was his first stay away show and he did not disgrace himself when shown in strong company.

Bred by Ann Nicholls of the Bournefield Stud, he was purchased by his current owner as a foal.

Like most stallions, he can have his moments but the behaviour he displays is just bravado. He has never bitten when handled. He is turned out next to geldings and opposite a mare.

He gives a mannerly balanced ride and absolutely loves his work. He has hacked out with other horses and wasn’t bothered by traffic.

The best is yet to come for this boy either at stud or continuing his ridden career as either an entire or he could be gelded at the buyers expense.

This boy has had only the best of care and deserves to go to a loving experienced home. This is an extremely sad sale for all involved, we are all very attached to him. His owner feels he will be wasted in his current home.

I would love to keep Badger to produce, should this be an option. No novices or loans.

Blackthorn Sea Poacher
Cranbrookpaddocks Sanluucar


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Woodmans, Brithem Bottom, Cullompton, Devon, EX15 1NB

Secretary Mrs Sue McGeever

Tel: 01884 839930 or email:


Breed Standard

The preferred Height Range is: Stallions & geldings 11.3hh (119.4cm) to 12.3hh (129.5cm) at maturity - Mares 11.2hh (116.8cm) to 12.2hh (127cm) at maturity

General Appearance & Type - Definite `pony' character, hard & strong; vigorous & alert & symmetrical in appearance; mealy muzzle; prominent, hooded "toad eyes"
"Definite pony character"

Head and Ears - Short, thick & pointed; clean cut face; wide Neck: forehead, eyes large, wide apart & prominent with well-defined, fleshy hood and pale colouration outlining the eyes (Toad Eyes); wide nostrils; mealy muzzle; clean throat; good length of rein

Shoulders - Clean, fine at top, well laid back

Chest - Deep & wide between & behind forelegs; ribs long, deep, well sprung and wide apart

Back - Level; broad & level across loins; tail neatly set in

Legs - Clean & short, with neat, hard feet; forelegs straight, well apart & squarely set; hind legs well apart, nearly perpendicular from hock to fetlock with point of hock in line with pelvis bone; wide curve from flank to hock joint; legs free in motion with no tendency to sweep or turn

Action - Straight & smooth, without exaggerated action

Coat - Summer - close, hard & bright / Winter - a double-layered dense coat with an under insulating layer of fine, springy hair and an outer water-proofing layer of hard, greasy hair

Colour - Bay, brown or dun, with black points; mealy colour on muzzle, round eyes & inside flanks; no white markings anywhere

Quality - Alert expression and general poise indicating balance and symmetry of movement; fine, clean bone

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