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New Forest Ponies

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Ringwood Rd, Bransgore, Hampshire BH23 8AA

Tel/Fax: 01425 672775 - Email: 



Breed Standard

Height - The upper height limit is 148 cms. There is no lower limit. All ponies should be judged equally regardless of height. They are normally shown in 2 height sections 138 cms and under (competition type A) and over 138 cms (competition height B)

Colour & Markings - New Forest Ponies may be any colour except piebald, skewbald or blue-eyed cream. Bays and browns predominate. White markings on head and legs are permitted

Head - Neat and pony like, well set on

Neck - Strong and of ample length

Shoulders - Long, sloping shoulders

Body - Good depth of body with strong quarters

Feet, Legs & Joints - Straight limbs with plenty of bone and hard round feet

Action - The should be free, active and straight but not exaggerated

General Character - The New Forest Pony has an ideal temperament and is very easy to train.  It should be of riding type with substance. The larger ponies, while narrow enough for children, are quite capable of carrying adults. The smaller ponies, though not up to so much weight, often show more quality

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