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Dales Ponies: Adults

Genuine safe and sensible alrounder family pony / horse mum daugher share

Eventually to be a confidence giver for a 12 year old child

Ref #: 178405
  • 5* kind, experienced, knowlegable family home.
  • Can provide references from PC / independant instructors / vets etc
  • He / she will want for nothing!
  • 5* kind, experienced, knowlegable family home.
  • Can provide references from PC / independant instructors / vets etc
  • He / she will want for nothing!

We are looking for a safe and sensible horse or pony to join our family

Initially for myself a mum (I'm 5f5 and 10 1/2 stone) who can ride but the horse/pony will eventually be for my small 12 year old daughter who can ride well and nice and quietly but does lack confidence, she is coming off a saint of a 12hh pony but have had not such saints previously so this is why she can lack confidence.

I would like to hack across fields and bridleways, fun rides, local shows, school have lessons and maybe the odd riding club prelim dressage test. (I'm happy to school on if need be if it has the right willing attitude and temperament) but would prefer well schooled.

My daughter does pony club (cross country, show jumping, and fun things like very occasional low level games and polecrosse!), hacking, local shows, low level dressage test, beach rides, pootles around bareback at home, all-round general good fun. Although she can ride well she needs a confidence giver.

The pony must be comfortable at jumping 70cm sj and xc and be non spooky at fillers, water and ditches etc. Safe & steady in open spaces.

We do not really hack on the roads only rural traffic but we do school alongside a very busy road where artic lorries and loud motorbikes pass so must be ok with this.

Nothing spooky in any way or nappy as we keep them at home so have to ride away from others so no separation issues in any way. Bold and brave out hacking alone away from others.

We have dogs and sheep so would be great if ok with general family chaos! Must be non spooky with a calm, willing, straight forward & laid back temperament.

Must travel ok in a trailer and load well. Good to do on the ground, friendly person that likes attention, good to handle, bath, catch etc. Sensible when taken out and about.

Absolutely no napping/rearing/bucking or bolters please and also cannot cope with sweet itch as we live by the river and midges do not help.

Experienced, knowledgeable 5* home. He / she will want for nothing!! Can provide pc & independent instructor references, vet references etc.

Would also look at 2 horses / ponies one suitable for me 14.2hh plus well schooled and one for my daughter 13.2hh plus as not sure we are going to find a mum daughter share that fits the bill!

Shrewsbury Shropshire. Willing to travel up 1 1/2 hrs

  • Safety the upmost importance, Absolutely non spooky/nappy type, must be willing & friendly temperament
  • Easy going laid back temperament that would happily to do a variety of things including pc, sj, xc, hacking, dressage etc all sensibly.
  • Ideally established and willing in its work and happily popping a course of 70cms jumps and doing a prelim dressage test without too much training needed

Top Quality Large Breed Native


Ref #: 178246
  • Wanted quality large breed native for top level flat showing and performance in the future.
  • Wanted quality large breed native for top level flat showing and performance in the future.

Must be:

  • 2/3 years old (May consider slightly older providing broken and schooling well)
  • Colt or gelding
  • Correct and true to type with straight movement and no blemishes
  • Well mannered and good tempered to handle on the ground with no stable vices

Would prefer if he had some results in hand but this is not essential.

Loving home awaits.

Please email information and photos in first instance.



Ref #: 22412

Increasing numbers of internet advertisers are receiving emails from bogus buyers, attempting to scam sellers

This tactic is a worldwide problem; however it would appear to be on the rise in the equine industry, targeting everything from horses and ponies for sale, to horseboxes, trailers and tack


We've been informed of a new email scam doing the rounds. This time the scam email in commonly coming from ‘Travis Bennett’ & 'Cynthia PT', asking a list of questions & offering to transfer a deposit and payment for shipping. Please ignore this email and if you have time report it to Action Fraud, for more details click HERE 

In another instance the scammer will contact you via email asking if your horse is still for sale, this will be followed by an email containing 23 questions as shown on the picture on the left. Please do not respond to this email. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and rest assured we are doing our best to combat this.

Another scam which is particularly common, is  when theadvertiser is contacted about an item, asking for more images, and then once the images have been received the bogus buyer will agree to send a cheque for the full amount.  At this point the seller is asked to email their full contact details to enable the buyer to send payment. The seller is then contacted again saying that the cost of shipping has accidently been included on the cheque, and could the seller forward the cost of shipment onto a courier, which is also bogus 

These scams can vary, however emails are often written in broken English and written in an over friendly style.  We urge HorseQuest customers to respond to email enquiries with caution. If something sounds too good to be true, it often is!

If you think you’ve been scammed then we strongly recommend that you contact the police




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