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Dartmoor Ponies: Adults



Ref #: 22412

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Kay Ben Sinful Sinbad

Ref #: 165495
  • Three lovely paces, with a temperament to die for
  • A competitive pony who loves his job and getting the red ribbons!
£1,500 ono
  • Dartmoor
  • Gelding
  • 8 years
  • 12.2 hands
  • Three lovely paces, with a temperament to die for
  • A competitive pony who loves his job and getting the red ribbons!

Registered Dartmoor. Three lovely paces, with a temperament to die for. This pony has been competing with a tiny 11 year old for the last 18 months, giving her a huge amount of confidence in PC, SJ, hunting, rallies, XC, school teams, dressage and unaffiliated SJ at 80cm.

Very sadly moving up a gear now, so needs to finance a new pony. Sinbad is a competitive pony who loves his job and getting the red ribbons. On the other hand, he makes an excellent LR pony, who can quietly point his toes around the show ring, or LR with small child.

He is always placed in Handsome gelding and loves to dress up for the fancy dress classes.

Hacks alone and in company. Is safe and flashy. Off the lead rein he would suit a competent child, as he’s very competitive. 

This pony would excel in mounted games, as he’s very quick against the clock. Comes with bridle and rugs.

Easy to catch, clip, box and shoe. Open to vetting. Up to date with teeth, feet and jabs.

Home more important than price.


12h Handsome bay gelding

LR/Second pony For sale or loan

Ref #: 165101
  • Lovely temperament.
  • Great potential as a little competition pony.
  • Sale or loan
£2,400 ovno
  • Dartmoor
  • Bay
  • Gelding
  • 9 years
  • 12 hands (LHC)
  • Lovely temperament.
  • Great potential as a little competition pony.
  • Sale or loan

This little chap has been with us for the last 3 years and as been a pleasure to own.

We brought him when my daughter was only four and she has taken him to many lead rein classes including jumping, coming back with lots of rosettes and smiles.

In his previous home he competed at county level lead rein and doing evening performances.

He hacks out alone or in company, both on and off the lead rein.

He as an amazing jump and with a confident rider he has been popping over 2ft 3 fences happily.

He is handled daily by my seven year old daughter and is good to be clipped, vet, catch etc

He has great potential as a little competition pony with the right jockey. He is a second pony off the lead rein and needs a confident rider.

Very sad sale of a great pony that loves his work and is looking for a new best friend.

Comes with rugs and tack

The Perfect First Pony

Gorgeous Dartmoor Gelding

Ref #: 165447
  • Done all Pony Club activities including camp
  • Fabulous jumper
  • Safe, kind and easy to handle
SOLD! To Harry and Izzy - l'm sure you'll love him and have as much fun as we did xx
  • Dartmoor
  • Black
  • Gelding
  • 8 years
  • 12 hands
  • Done all Pony Club activities including camp
  • Fabulous jumper
  • Safe, kind and easy to handle

Devastating sale of our much loved 8 year old 12hh pedigree Dartmoor  gelding Teddy (Cayberry Predator) – the perfect first year first ridden pony. Sired by HOYS and Olympia winner  Shilstone Rocks Atlantic Gale and from the Cayberry Stud in North Yorkshire, we bought Teddy, from his breeder, as a little woolly beast for my nervous 6 year old , who wasn’t interested in riding, to get out of the field now and again and come for a hack with us if she wanted.  He has done far more than that. This pony has been an absolute superstar in all ways, has been her best friend and has made her love riding again to the extent that she has now moved on to a 2nd pony.

Before we got Teddy he had worked in a riding school, hacked out and done some in-hand and ridden showing including winning best gelding at the breed show. Since we have owned him Teddy has done all Pony Club activities (with York and Ainsty North) including games, pony camp, dressage and show jumping rallies, an Easter Egg hunt and musical rides! He is always perfectly behaved -  no matter what kind of shenanigans the other ponies get up to! Teddy loves hacking, he is virtually bomb proof and never spooky. He will go behind, middle or in front and is used to all sorts of traffic, farm vehicles, livestock etc. Lots of visiting friends come and borrow him to take their children out riding. We hack out in massive open spaces with my youngster and my eldest daughter’s BSJA ponies and even if they get a bit speedy little Teddy just stays in the same canter rhythm at the back. Even when my eldest daughter challenges the youngest to a race – he still maintains a steady canter and so always loses.  Teddy has done pleasure rides and hunt fun rides and has hunted with York and Ainsty North this season and thoroughly enjoyed himself. He wasn’t silly or strong just steady away, unphased by the hounds or huntsmen and jumped everything asked of him.

Teddy is a great jumper and makes a lovely shape over the jump. In showjumping my eldest daughter has popped him over a metre spread and some 85cm courses at home. She has also jumped him over 65cm competitively however he is more comfortable at 40-60cm which is my youngest daughter’s level. He never over jumps and so is perfect for little ones to learn on.  Teddy has also done a lot of cross-country. We have our own 45-75 course at home which he loves and he has jumped round the 50cm hunter trial course at Camp Hill and all of the cross country jumps at Escrick Park including the 85s. He will jump ditches and go through water. He will jump out of a trot or canter and rarely looks at a filler, arrowhead, skinny or water tray etc – in fact  he will pretty much jump anything – rustic or coloured.

We are not really a showing family but Teddy has done local shows and has always been placed in First Ridden, Small M & M, Bonny Pony and Tack and Turnout classes. He would be great for Working Hunter classes. No need to go in the ring with your child – Teddy will look after them! We have never done lead rein showing but I feel this is something he would excel at as he is very used to being shown in-hand and responds well to being led and voice commands. Teddy has just taken part in his first One Day Event with my now 7 year old (off lead) where he took first place in his class jumping clear over 12 show jumps and 12 testing cross country jumps (including a chair) finishing on his dressage score of 33.2!

Teddy is easy to handle in every way even for the smallest of children. My two get him in from the field, brush him and tack up all on their own and then take him riding/jumping/bareback riding whatever round the farm without me needing to supervise them as I trust the pony completely. They have even jumped him with both of them riding him – “you kick and I’ll steer” (see videos)! He has no vices and does not buck, bite, kick etc. Never sick or sorry. No laminitis or sweet itch. He is a good doer and easy to catch (comes to call and carries the lead rein in his mouth like a dog), groom (including letting little ones do his feet), bath, tack up, farrier (front shoes only), worm, clip (Teddy is currently fully clipped and trimmed for hunting, and even lets you clip his ears without hesitation).  He loads first time every time – no treats or bribes required. He is up to date with the dentist, worming, vaccinations. At the moment Teddy lives out and he is quite happy to come in for the night before a competition – however I do not think living in permanently would suit him.

So what are the negatives? Teddy can be a bit lazy with younger children. It can take a few kicks to get him from walk to trot and again to canter. Especially in a school and especially during the winter months when he has more time off. This hasn’t been a bad thing for us as my little girl always felt safe on him whilst still being able to progress with her riding. He will go up a gear with older children. Teddy also has a small bony lump on his face. This is not noticeable and is not visible when he wears his bridle (I only noticed it when the vet pointed it out). The lump was x-rayed and it was a tooth that had grown in at a slight angle – it will not cause any issues now or in the future, 

Teddy really is a fun affectionate family friend and is only for sale as there are no younger children in the family to pass him on to. My perfect home for him would bean older / younger sibling share or an nervous older child who needed to get their confidence. I have no doubt that Teddy would make an amazing lead rein pony but think he would enjoy the variety of doing a bit more. Teddy would also be perfect for progressing a little one from on lead to off lead. He would suit an all round/pony club home.

There are videos and photos of Teddy doing all the activities described above on You Tube – search Teddy Armstrong.

Teddy is sold with all his leather tack, his rugs, his personalised head collar, saddle cloth and door name plate. He will only be sold to a 5 star home and both ourselves and the breeder would like to stay in touch. £3000 for this super little guy. All enquiries initially via email please as I can’t always answer the phone  


Ref #: 165213
  • Lightly shown at county level with great success.
  • A delightful pony with excellent conformation and a very sweet temperament.
  • Dartmoor
  • Filly
  • 3 years
  • Lightly shown at county level with great success.
  • A delightful pony with excellent conformation and a very sweet temperament.

Rising 4, born May 2013

She has always been well handled. Lightly shown at county level with great success. A delightful pony with excellent conformation and a very sweet temperament.

Stabled at night. Good to catch, traffic, load, farrier, wears rugs.

Fully inoculated, wormed, micro – chip.

Very hairy at the moment.

A very sad sale as no rider.


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