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  • Wanted 16hh to 17hh
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    Wanted 16hh to 17hh
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    Wanted 16hh to 17hh

    Safe, Sane and Sensible

    I'm looking for...

    • Mare or Gelding
    • Age 8 to 14 years
    • SOUND and in work
    • No full TB's or heavy horses

    Must be a non-spooky, easy hack both alone and in company, (good in traffic including farm) and not hot up in open spaces.

    Please no buckers, rearers, bolters or nappy horses, I'm 50 and haven't owned my own for a couple of years, following a riding accident, although, I have continued to ride during that time.

    I'm looking for a straight forward horse for Riding Club type activities, but, the main emphasis will be on dressage. So would need to be used to working correctly into the contact in all three paces and happy to school, experience of doing tests would be ideal, but, is not essential.

    He/she will be a schoolmaster for middle aged me to take to competitions, clinics, beach and farm rides, have lessons, etc (basically all the fun things I was not lucky enough to be able to do as a child!).

    More a family type than a full on competition horse so not quirky or sharp and must be easy to travel in a trailer and used to going out and about without a fuss.

    I will provide a long term loving home cared for by professionals at livery and he/she will be a much loved member of my family. I have plenty of time to devote to the partnership with my new pride and joy who will be thoroughly pampered and I would be happy to keep in touch if you would like.

    Budget flexible for the right horse.

    Thank you.


    Hampshire / Wiltshire / Dorset border. Happy to travel. (P)
    South West
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