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    Granny's Gelding

    A fairy tale horse

    Once upon a time there lived a Granny who loved horses. She was very sad because she had made some mistakes by falling in love with the wrong ones in the past, thinking she was capable of handling more than she could, and so she ended up being frightened. One day she realised that what she really wanted was a Granny’s horse – the type of horse you would trust to put your Granny or your grandchildren on. So Granny decided to ask the nice people if they could help her find the right lifelong friend.

    Granny is an experienced horse owner and quite a competent rider. However, she doesn’t have a lot of confidence because she didn’t start riding until she was old, and has fallen off quite a lot! So Granny’s ideal horse must be a proven novice ride and not be fazed if Granny is occasionally a bit wobbly on board.

    So what Granny would love is a horse who is 14.2h to 15.2h - she is only 5’2” and doesn’t want to have to climb a step ladder to mount or have very far to fall. Now, Granny’s horse MUST BE A GELDING as one of his field friends will be a late cut gelding who likes mares just a little too much! Granny’s horse will live at her home in rural Sussex for the rest of his life in 24 acres of land shared with 4 other equine friends. He’ll have a lovely big stable, lots of good hay, live in 5* luxury, with the best of everything.

    Granny’s horse will be a pussy cat to deal with, both riding and handling as well as in his stable. He’ll only be asked to hack out several times a week, on his own and sometimes in company, and he must be happy with this level of activity without it causing him problems with his behaviour. Granny’s horse will have no competition work or jumping to do but it would be nice if he was happy to do a little schooling every so often and maybe some sponsored rides. He’ll be a happy sort of chap who likes people, be calm and nice to have around - so cheeky tricksters, runaways, whirling dervishes, acrobats and pushy boys need not apply. Granny would like a safely forward going horse but realistically he will probably be a little bit of a kickalong so that she will feel safe. If he’s a hairy cob he must stand to be clipped without throwing a hissy fit and not be too wide as Granny’s legs are only short.

    There won’t be much roadwork for him to do but he must be 110% in traffic. He’ll be as bomb/plastic bag/pheasant– proof as it is possible to be. He’ll love dogs, children, tractors and most of all love being fussed. He’ll come to Granny in the field or at least stand there and not run away from her!
    He will have no health issues but could be a slightly older horse. Any old injuries will not cause him any ongoing problems. Granny will give him all the love and cuddles he deserves and he will get back far more than he is asked to give.

    You may own such a lovely boy and you or your kids are looking to move up to something more wizzy - I believe the youngsters call them “fun horses” (Granny calls them scary)! You may be having to make the heartbreaking decision to rehome him and are worried about where he’ll end up. Granny is very happy to keep in touch with the previous owners who can visit whenever they wish and are welcome to vet Granny’s home first.

    If horses could use mobile phones I think Granny would be inundated with applicants to lead such a lovely life, but sadly they haven’t yet invented horseshoes with inbuilt iPhones – although I wouldn’t mind betting that Apple are on to it!

    Granny lives in the South East of England (near the South Downs) but is happy to travel a reasonable distance for the right horse. Her pension will allow her to pay a reasonable amount but it won’t stretch to pay for unwanted potential. To help Granny live happily ever after please contact Ann - 01273 400514/ 07779 802855. Oh, if Granny sounds like a wizened old lady, she’s actually fairly agile and most definitely young at heart!


    07779 802855 (P)
    South East
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