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Ref #: 22412

Increasing numbers of internet advertisers are receiving emails from bogus buyers, attempting to scam sellers

This tactic is a worldwide problem; however it would appear to be on the rise in the equine industry, targeting everything from horses and ponies for sale, to horseboxes, trailers and tack


We've been informed of a new email scam doing the rounds. This time the scam email in commonly coming from ‘Travis Bennett’ & 'Cynthia PT', asking a list of questions & offering to transfer a deposit and payment for shipping. Please ignore this email and if you have time report it to Action Fraud, for more details click HERE 

In another instance the scammer will contact you via email asking if your horse is still for sale, this will be followed by an email containing 23 questions as shown on the picture on the left. Please do not respond to this email. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and rest assured we are doing our best to combat this.

Another scam which is particularly common, is  when theadvertiser is contacted about an item, asking for more images, and then once the images have been received the bogus buyer will agree to send a cheque for the full amount.  At this point the seller is asked to email their full contact details to enable the buyer to send payment. The seller is then contacted again saying that the cost of shipping has accidently been included on the cheque, and could the seller forward the cost of shipment onto a courier, which is also bogus 

These scams can vary, however emails are often written in broken English and written in an over friendly style.  We urge HorseQuest customers to respond to email enquiries with caution. If something sounds too good to be true, it often is!

If you think you’ve been scammed then we strongly recommend that you contact the police



Heartbreaking sale of a beautiful mare.

Stunning KWPN mare.

Ref #: 164089
  • Evented up to novice level.
  • Safe in traffic.
  • Easy to do.
£1,500 neg
  • Dutch Warmblood
  • Black
  • Mare
  • 14 years
  • 16.2 hands
  • Evented up to novice level.
  • Safe in traffic.
  • Easy to do.

Poppy is a beautiful mare inside and out.
This is truly a heartbreaking sale for me as she has been the most amazing horse.
I have had her for 6 years and have had an amazing time with her.
She is a real genuine, eager to please, fun loving mare.

In the time I have had her we have mainly just had fun by hacking out and lots of schooling.
Her previous owner competed her at novice level, she has a huge jump and 3 lovely paces.
She is 100% in traffic, we have a lot of farm machinery and lorries and nothing bothers her.
She is good to box, shoe, clip, etc.
She is snaffle mouth but can be strong at times.
She is fully up to date with vaccines and worming.
She is an easy doer, lives outdoors from spring to autumn but happy to be stabled also.
She hacks out alone or in company. But can be spooky when on her own, not with traffic or vehicles but more if a bag is blowing in a hedge. Happy to be with a group of horses or with a partner/friend on a bike (my husband would sometimes cycle with me).
She is easy to handle in and out of stable and loves to have a fuss made of her.

Sadly, she is only for sale as I cannot give her the time she deserves. I have an ongoing back injury which is affecting my day to day life and I can't do what I used to be able to do. I also have a 2 year old daughter who takes up 99.9% of my time as I am a full time mum and I don't have the luxury of 'me' time anymore.

Poppy has not been ridden since i was 6 months pregnant and I turned her away in the summer of 2014 in the hope of being back in the saddle the following spring but due to my ongoing back problem and being totally devoted to my little girl it never happened. I should have sold her then but I was determined I would ride her again but my back is getting worse and I have now come to terms that it isn't going to happen and this is the kindest thing to do for Poppy.

The price is reflected on the fact that she is not fit and has had a couple of years off work but I know that after some ground work and time put into her she will be happy to be back doing what she loves best. That is her personality, she loves to be doing things and getting out and about.
She is an experienced horse who aims to please but in reality has had 2 years off and will need to be brought back into work. If you are happy to put in the time to get her back into work you will have a very nice horse for the money. Equally, she would make a nice companion horse/family friend as long as she gets lots of fuss and cuddles!

Poppy will only go to the right person, and the price is absolutely negotiable as her new home is much more important than money to me.
She will come with all of her tack and rugs.
She is at our house with no other horses nearby and fine being on her own but before we moved she was at a livery yard so is just as happy with other horses too.
Ideally, I would like her to go to someone who is looking for a bit of a project to get her fit and to then just have fun and enjoy her.
She wil be greatly missed as she is part of the family but I know finding her a new home is the right thing to do for Poppy and she will give you so much fun and love in return.

Please feel free to contact me anytime, if I do not answer then please leave a message and I will contact you ASAP.



Ref #: 161070
  • By Lucky Valier (Cavalier Royale/King of Diamonds).
  • Recently retired sound from competition life and now ready to have a retirement as a broodmare.
  • Superb temperament.
SOLD! Sold to a fantastic home !! Thank you HQ
  • Irish Sports Horse
  • Bay
  • Mare
  • 15 years
  • 16.1 hands
  • By Lucky Valier (Cavalier Royale/King of Diamonds).
  • Recently retired sound from competition life and now ready to have a retirement as a broodmare.
  • Superb temperament.

Advanced mare by Lucky Valier (Cavalier Royale/King of Diamonds), recently retired sound from competition life and now ready to have a retirement as a broodmare.

She has the most wonderful temperament, is exceptionally easy to look after and is excellent in any sort of company, a total delight to deal with and handle.

Please contact me for any other information about her, I am looking for a knowledgeable  home for her and will be negotiable to the right home, No loans or leases, I am sadly having to give up  breeding so a 5 star breeding  home is paramount please.

Lucky Valier Cavalier Royale Cor De Le Bryere
Lucky Diamond King of Diamonds
Highland Lady
Coolamain Lass
  • Results up to and at 2 Star and Advanced in her career.


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