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Foals by Arrayan Numa
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  • Sire imported from Uruguay
  • Selection to make from 14.2 - 16hh
  • ALL ROAN (bay, chestnut, palomino)
  • Athletic, Balanced, Intelligent
  • Sound, Tough and FUN

Foals by Arrayan Numa

Criollo Stallion

Criollo, 6 months
Arrayan Numa   
Selection of foals by the Criollo stallion Arrayan Numa - imported from Uruguay and a proven polo pony (won a best playing pony award). Arrayan was placed second in "La Marcha" in Uruguay. This is a 750Km endurance race, to be completed in 14 days, at a minimum speed of 10Km an hour. Stallions are required to carry 17.5 stone and live of the land, receiving no supplementary feeding for the duration of the race. He is a kind stallion suitable for any rider and a joy to own, he can of course be seen and tried.

The foals are from a selection of mares - Criollos, Flying machine thoroughbreds, proven polo ponies and a Sports horse mare with Cruising and Goldhills bloodlines. They will make between 14.2 and 16hh. They are all roan, all balanced, athletic and clever. They have good limbs and feet, the breed is known for being sound and long lived. We raise them in herds and in big fields, they are polite and respectful with plenty of character.

Arrayan's youngsters have been successful on the polo field and in the show ring this season. We have sold to Endurance, Eventing and Dressage homes and our "Chamfron" owners are happy to chat to prospective buyers.

£3,000  (priced from)

01387 372536 (T)
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