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Companions: Mares

Black Diamond Mirage

Companion for loan

Ref #: 189396
  • Easy to handle & look after.
  • Bought her from Pony Club friends & are in touch with all her owners.
  • Mare
  • 22 years
  • 14.1 hands
  • Easy to handle & look after.
  • Bought her from Pony Club friends & are in touch with all her owners.

Mirage was a fab competition pony, but can now never be worked again, having had 2 [different] tendon injuries (check ligament July 2016 & deep digital flexor May 2017) in the same leg.

We bought her from Pony Club friends & are in touch with all her owners.

She is easy to handle & look after, lives out with rugs but comes in on very wintry evenings.

She's 22 but looks & behaves like a 12 yo.

This video is her being lunged, when we were last assessing her. She canters round her field & shows no sign of being in pain.

She's available for loan, max 2 hrs from Telford in Shropshire. No charge. Happy to have her back at any moment.


Irish cob mare

Black mare

Ref #: 189371
  • Genuine Irish cob mare
  • Kind temperament
  • Suit lightweight Adult or teenager for pleasure rides or fun classes
£1,500 ono
  • Irish
  • Black
  • Mare
  • 17 years
  • 13.3 hands
  • Genuine Irish cob mare
  • Kind temperament
  • Suit lightweight Adult or teenager for pleasure rides or fun classes

Sooty is a kind genuine Irish cob mare who has a nice temperament

Sooty is a nice forward going safe snaffle ride. Sooty is not a kick along cob and will therefore be suitable as a second pony

Sooty is easy to catch ( 30 acre field) box , shoe, groom. She lives on a farm and is used to dogs cats machinery. Sooty is enjoys schooling and is ridden in open fields without getting silly

Sooty is never known to buck rear bolt . Sooty can be spooky on roads with scary objects. We have used her for pleasure rides and riding around the fields. Sooty pops small jumps if needed, natural or coloured and enjoys schooling

Sooty lives in stable in winter and turned out at present with mares and geldings

Sooty can be ridden from the stable if needed and left for a week without getting silly

Sooty is a healthy happy pony who does not sufferweetcjitch sarcoids and has never been ill with us or needed the vet whilst owning her

Sooty will suit a kind experienced lightweight adult or teenager for pleasure rides and low level riding club events

This is a sad sale due to lack of time. Therefore we are looking for a permanent home with company which will be vetted

Please no time wasters or dealers


Companion pony

Ref #: 188438
  • Quiet, gentle companion pony
  • Barefooted
  • Easy to handle
  • Irish Sports Horse
  • Chestnut
  • Gelding
  • 14 years
  • 14.2 hands
  • Quiet, gentle companion pony
  • Barefooted
  • Easy to handle

Tully is a 14.2hh Irish chestnut gelding who is 14 years old who we bought 5 years ago to compete at pony club and for general enjoyment which he successfully did.

Unfortunately two years ago he suddenly started chucking his head around in the early spring which we put down to an allergy and he went through treatment to try and resolve this. Which for a while it seemed to work and then it appeared to come back. We then put him through treatment at Liphook to again try to desensitise the nerves but the head chucking had become a habit by then.

In my upmost to try and bring him back to the lovely rideable pony he once was we enlisted a natural horsewoman who realised that he had got himself into this habit and with patience, time and understanding did manage to get him back.

However, my daughter lost interest and with two others to ride we decided to turn him away and he has for the last year been a companion.

Due to other daughter just not having enough time to cope with two we have decided to stick with one and I am looking for a companion home for Tully 

He is 100 percent safe to handle, box , groom , shoe, dogs, traffic, chickens etc ( currently bare footed). He has been stabled in the winter but could live out rugged. Tully is a lovely pony and with someone who perhaps had the time he could be brought back into riding as he is a very smart pony who does pick things up easily and it is with regret that we just simply do not have the time to do this.

We only have geldings but was turned out with mares in his previous home.

Free to a good home where he will enjoy just having company and some TLC

Please do not hesitate to call me if you require further information.

We are situated in Winchester



Ref #: 22412

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We are always here to help, so please give our team a call if you have any queries or concerns


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