Horse Quest UK - Customer Testimonials
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'Thank you very much Beth, Horsequest are the best!' Hayley, January 2024

'SOLD! Deposit taken to 10 star home within 24 hours thanks horsequest' Nicola, December 2023

'We sold our lovely Italian Murgese thanks  to Horse Quest. Certainly use your site again.' Carl and Fiona, December 2023

'Thank you for offering such an efficient snd easy to use website. We’ve had great response and are pleased to say that my chestnut mare is now sold' Laura, October 2023

'Thank you very much for how brilliant you have been to deal with. Excellent, fantastic service as usual. I only advertise horses on Horse Quest now' Tom, October 2023

'Please could I mark my advert as sold? Sold thanks to your website, to the first person to view, so much appreciated' Susie, 2023

'Hi Chloe and team, within a week on Horsequest our hose has sold. Thank you for your help! Please mark as sold.' Francesca, 2023

'Thank you very much they are so happy and so are we to have found him the home he so deserved!' Georgie, August 2023

'Hello - I sold her in the first few days having received over 100 enquiries. I have marked the advert sold. Many thanks for a great service!' Deb, May 2023

'Would it be possible to mark the above ad as SOLD please. Sold to the first person that viewed. Had over 20 enquiries. Thank you so much' Hannah, April 2023

'I love how easy this is - when your so busy, adverts paperwork etc is a headache. But you guys make it so simple so thank you' Claire, March 2023

'Such amazing service from you guys as usual' Melissa, March 2023

'Pony has been sold. Many thanks, great exposure on your website' Cara, March 2023

'Thank you for your support in finding us a perfect match. We couldn’t be happier with his next home.' Georgie, February 2023

'Bella has found herself a super new home. This email is to say a very big thank you to you all for all your help.  I really appreciate everything you have done to help me.' Ann, December 2022

'Bobby has now sold, he sold to the first person after 48 hours! Thank you as always' Georgie, November 2022

'Thanks for all your help. It’s always great dealing with the HorseQuest staff' Jennifer, November 2022

'Please could you change the advert to SOLD. Another quick sale thanks to HorseQuest!!!' Lottie, November 2022 

'Thank you so much. You do provide an excellent service. I shall sing your praises to all! With my best wishes and thanks' Amy, September 2022

'Thanks so much for doing that so quickly. Great service, many thanks' Noor, September 2022

'Thank you for sharing my post. His buyer contacted me within 24 hours of his ad being up and viewed and took him home today. Fantastic website' Maddie, August 2022

'Thank you! Already had 2 people book to come & view her. One phoned within literally 10 seconds of you putting it up live' Zoe, August 2022

'Please could you kindly edit my advert to say sold and add many thanks to horsequest for the large number of replies' Lesley, July 2022

'After using HorseQuest to find horses for myself I have decided to use this platform for the first time to sell - easy process so far, thank you!' Emily, June 2022

'Please remove my advert for the horsebox as it has now been successfully sold through Horse Quest' Cecilia, June, 2022

‘I can't recommend HorseQuest highly enough! I am a complete technophobe and your personal assistance with my advert has been priceless.’ Hilary, March 2022

‘Please could you mark all adverts as sold and thanks so much for your help :-)’ Susie, February 2022

‘Having tried a few different platforms to sell one of our ponies… HorseQuest did it straight away for us. We received genuine interest immediately & best of all we found our pony the best matched owner, with a five star home… Wonderful peace of mind’ Abigail J Turnbull, Owner at Richmond Equestrian Centre, February 2022

‘Thank you so much again for your fantastic service, and very friendly helpful team!’ Fran, Jan 2022

"Bo has found his forever home! I know the lady buying him found him on Horsequest so thank you for your help in finding him a new home". – Sandra, Nov 2021

"Dear Horsequest our pony sold in 24 hours - please may you take it off the website completely as I am still getting calls. Thank you. And wonderful service"’ – Tottie. March 2021

"I will definitely be recommending your website, its easy to use and you provide excellent customer service! Thank you once again to the amazing website HorseQuest for helping me to find the horse of my dreams!" Rosie, March 2021

“As expected I got 52 enquiries in 24 hours and she is sold to the first person to view her. Thank you” – Polly, March 2021

"‘That's great, thank you. Thanks Chloe for dealing with the ad very efficiently Best Mike" – Mike, Feb 2021 

“HorseQuest is a great marketplace to showcase our Shadow Sports Horses. It brings us customers from all of the world, making it easier to pair up superstars with their new owners.” Ben Hobday
"HorseQuest has been a fantastic platform for us to buy and sell horses and ponies over many years. The easy to use format and professional team running HorseQuest make it a pleasure to use." Tabitha, Tanya & Mark Kyle
"HorseQuest is the best way to advertise your horse or pony! We love working with them." Froxfield Dressage
“We have advertised The Billy Stud with HorseQuest for the last 5 years. The Yard Page has given us the flexibility to advertise multiple horses and with our branding and web link included it makes for brilliant brand awareness for The Billy Stud.” Pippa & William Funnell, The Billy Stud
"When you want to buy or sell a horse, the number one site has got to be HorseQuest. Not only did I find my Badminton ride Halltown Harley on there, but I have also sold horses in with a couple of days - from grassroots horses to international horses.” Georgie Spence
“If I’m looking to buy or sell a horse, HorseQuest is the first website I go to and I have always been very pleased with the results.” Sam Griffiths
“HorseQuest is the website you go to when you are serious about looking for quality horses and ponies.” Ellen Whittaker
“When I need to sell any of our horses I always use HorseQuest. The response I get is far better than any other form of advertising, and the team are always extremely helpful and prompt” Andrew Gould
“Over the years we have come to realise that advertising on HorseQuest is by far the most cost effective and efficient way of marketing our stock” Jerome Harforth, Stanley Grange Stud
"I've always had an excellent response to my adverts on HorseQuest. All horses have found lovely homes in a short amount of time, which when selling on behalf of clients makes the painful process for them quicker, easier and gives them peace of mind." Louise Robson, Thoroughbred Dressage

 “I love HorseQuest, I’ve advertised on the website since day one, their team are always on hand to help and I’ve always had a great response – I wouldn’t advertise anywhere else!” Lynn Russell 


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