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Stunning Well bred Shetland Pony to make 42 inch

  • Shetland
  • Black
  • Colt
  • 1 years
  • 10.3 hands

Stunning Well bred Shetland Pony to make 42 inch

Balgay registered Shetland Pony

Ref #: 247564
  • Stunning big mover
  • Straight paces
  • Excellent nature well handled
£1,200 ono
  • Shetland
  • Black
  • Colt
  • 1 years
  • 10.3 hands
  • Stunning big mover
  • Straight paces
  • Excellent nature well handled

Womble is a very well handled pony by children . Ties up be groomed and leads anywhere.

Very straight pony with a good walk and big trot that covers the ground

He will excel as a performance ridden Stallion or gelding

I think he will certainly make himself known in the show ring up past county level .

He comes from excellent traditional blood

Up to date with worming etc . In Scotland but can arrange professional transportation

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The Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society

Shetland House, 22 York Place, Perth PH2 8EH Scotland

Tel: 01738 623471 Fax: 01738 442274




Breed Standard

Height - Registered stock must not exceed 40 inches (102 cm) at three years or under, or 42 inches (107 cm) at four years or over. Ponies are measured from the withers to the ground by measuring stick and on a level stance, preferably concrete should be used

Colour  - Shetland Ponies may be any colour known in horses except spotted

Coat  - The coat changes according to the seasons of the year; a double coat in winter with guard hairs which shed rain and keep the pony’s skin completely dry in the worst weather. By contrast, the summer coat is short and should carry a beautiful silky sheen. At all times the mane and tail hair should be long straight and profuse and the feathering of the fetlocks straight and silky

Head  - The head should be small, carried well and in proportion. Ears should be small and erect, wide set but pointing well forward. Forehead should be broad wtih bold, dark, intelligent eyes. Blue eyes are not acceptable. Muzzle must be broad with nostrils wide open. Teeth and jaw must be correct

Hind Legs -  The thighs should be strong and muscular with well shaped, strong hocks, neither hooky nor too straight. When viewed from behind, the hindlegs should not be set too widely apart, nor should the hocks be turned in

Fore Legs - Should be well placed with sufficient good, flat bone. Strong forearm. Short, balanced cannon bone. Springy pasterns

Feet - Tough, round and well shaped - not short, narrow, contracted or thin

Action - Straight, free action using every joint and tracking-up well

General  - A most salient and essential feature of the Shetland Pony is its general air of vitality (presence), stamina and robustness

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