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HorseQuest - How to...


Baileys Horse Feeds - Feeding the Event Horse Before, During and After an Event

Feeding the Event Horse Before, During and After an Event. Whether a one, two or three day event, when and what you feed can help optimise performance...READ MORE>> 


Bailey Horse Feed - Feeding for a Flying Start

The Right Condition - The amounts of body fat and muscle a horse carries varies according to their type and level of fitness and it is our job to ensure that...READ MORE>>


Care and maintenance of clippers and blades during the clipper season

The most common problem found with electrical clippers, is that they do not cope well being stored in damp tack rooms.  You may only use them two or three times and then besurprised that they then do not work when youcome to start them up again... READ MORE>> 


 Condition & topline tips from TopSpec - Robert Walker

Learn more about leading horseman Robert Walker and his TopSpec feeding regime on his busy yard. The films provides a snap shot of his busy schedule and win in the TopSpecShow Hunter of the Year at the Horse of theYear Show.. READ MORE>>  




Clipping tips from ClipperSharp

The most usual reason for clipping is to enable the horse to work comfortably and without undue sweating during the winter months when their coats grow naturally thicker. Some horses need to be clipped all year round, especially if they are being shown... READ MORE>>


Winter feeding advice from TopSpec

During winter, when grazing is in limited supply, frozen or covered by snow, it is important to provide alternative sources of fibre (e.g. hay, haylage or chop) to aid digestion and keep the hindgut working efficiently... READ MORE>>


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