Horse Quest UK - Top tips on choosing the perfect photo from Lynn Russell
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Top tips on choosing the perfect photo from Lynn Russell

Top show horse producer and trainer, Lynn Russell, explains how to choose the perfect photo for your HorseQuest Advert 

Be sure your horse is clean and well turned out, a good first impression can make all the difference and avoid your horse or pony being overlooked for another.

Choose a good background which shows off your horses colour. Also try to avoid busy and untidy backgrounds, as you want the focus to be on your horse.

A standing image can be a great way of showing a true picture of your horse, remember to get your horse to stand correctly, with legs slightly off set to give an accurate impression of his conformation.

Be sure your horse is central and the main topic of the photo. Don’t forget you can crop your photo to remove excess background space or other horses. If you can’t don’t worry as the HorseQuest team check and if needed crop each photo before it goes online

Ears forward! That's the hardest part, I suggest a lengthy supply of mints!

Don’t take a photo of a photo as this will distort your horse, either making them extremely fat and dumpy or giving them longer legs than Kate Moss!

One great photo is better than five average ones, so it’s definitely worth the effort and time to get that money shot!

Finally make sure the photos are your own or you’ve got permission to use them, there’s nothing worse than an image filled with copyright stamps. Most photographers are perfectly happy for you to use their images as long as you ask permission first, sometimes they may charge a small fee or ask to be credited, but it’s always polite to ask!


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