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At the start of this year the HorseQuest team set out to find happy and successful partnerships that came about through finding your horse or pony on HorseQuest. We have been overwhelmed with the response and thought it would only be right to share all of your lovely stories with everyone – so thank you all!

To vote for your favourite simply email us at with the combinations unique Wall of Fame code, for example WOF111, which can be found with their entry 

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Crimson Night Light took my daughter to Horse of the Year show for the first time, and was placed 4th at the Royal International Horse Show.

She also won the NPS Tambrook Stud Champion in 2011, the day after she qualified for HOYS and took champion NPS HOYS Championship too!  

She gave us the greatest year we've ever had!  Best pony ever!




He is the such a loving, kind pony and is my best friend! We saw Jack on Horsequest nearly 6 years ago and as soon as his cute little head popped over the door when we went to see him we knew he was coming home with us! 
We bought him when I was 11 as a showing pony but he decided that the showing arena was a racetrack so we decided to give dressage a go as you can be in the arena on your own! Since then, with having no experience of dressage, we have competed at the Petplan Area Championships at Hartpury twice at Prelim and Novice which was the most amazing experience. Never did I think that my little show pony and I could get the opportunity to compete somewhere with such an amazing atmosphere
We have also represented BYRDS Southern at Sheepgate Under 25's Championships and at Keysoe inter-regionals. We are now competing Elementary and are starting to play around with some Medium movements
Jack is very cheeky and a bit quirky but he tries so hard for me when it really matters. I love him so much as he is a very special friend who never fails to put a smile on my face!

I first saw my girls advertised on Horsequest 8 years ago! Both were just 6 months old, I was looking for a Connemara filly that would take the place of my Connemara gelding when he retired

Both were being advertised by the same stud and after looking at the adverts we were no further on with deciding which to buy so decided it was time to take a trip to Ireland to view them

Seeing them in the flesh made the decision even harder, one had the breeding we wanted the other had the looks! 

They had been together since they were a few days old so there was only one thing we could do, buy them both! 

They arrived with us in Cumbria a few weeks later aged 7 months. The last 8 years have been hard work with a bit of blood, some sweat and plenty of tears but I wouldn't change them for the world.They are still as close as ever and it is nice to think they are both still together

They have gone from naughty foals to super mares who have a go at everything we ask of them.If it wasn't for Horsequest we would never have found them and made the friends we have made through them so thank you from Ballydoolagh Kim, Ballydoolagh Dinah and me!



Hello, I would like to put forward my mare to the wall of fame, she is called Taffechan Miss Moneypenny (Tinkerbell). Born in 2006 I bought her after I saw her advertised on Horsequest as a 6 month old foal
If you were to see photos of her from been a foal, throughout the past 8 years you would be amazed by the change in her! She has taken a long time to get looking how she does now, but she was worth every ounce of effort we put in to her
She has such an infectious character & everyone who meets Tinkerbelle loved her! In 2012 & 2013 she was shown inhand, winning many major shows including Equifest. This year she has started her ridden showing career ridden by Lauren Beaumont - At their debut show NCPA spring spectacular she won the NCPA registered ridden class & went champion winning a NCPA golden ticket for the NCPA champs
She has done a couple more ridden shows since then, coming 9th in her first ever HOYS qualifier (NPS area 5) and 4th in her first ever RI qualifier, all as a novice pony! She is entered in many more shows this year, including NCPA Derbyshire festival, Cheshire county, royal three counties, Great Yorkshire show, Equifest and many more! 
We are very excited about what the future holds for this very special mare. Not only is she successful in the show ring she has taught children to ride, and enjoys trips to the beach! 
The photo I have attached was taken in 2012 when she won the Equifest welsh cob championship class & I have many more photos I can send including ones of her under saddle
Who would have known one night browsing Horsequest (not looking to buy a pony) would have resulted in owning the horse of a lifetime! Thank you for taking the time to read this! 
UPDATE!  She also attended NPS area 4 and qualified for Olympia by going Olympia M&M champion!
Growing up I dreamt of riding at HOYS. The ponies I had never quite made it, although I came close! I turned from showing to eventing due to the heartbreak showing can cause! 
I wanted to find a nice horse that could teach me a thing or two, look after me and that I could enjoy BE90 & 100 with
I fell across a 15.2hh grey thoroughbred... Not quite what I wanted. Working hunter stamps were more my thing - However, I fell in love with this skinny, boring looking animal! 
He pulled faces, stood limp in his box, had no personality. I did 3 BE events on this horse and he politely bucked, napped & point blank refused to do anything
He wouldn't jump, wouldn't leave the start box, it seemed we'd had a blindfold on!!! I now had a scrawny TB that didn't do anything but buck! I had scans, xrays, physio, new tack, everything checked, but no explanation
I decided to give him time off, then start again but no jumping involved - He piled on weight & looked amazing. We won every time out at prelim & novice dressage, our PB is 76% at novice! I affiliated him BD where he has an unbeaten record & was chosen for the Home International team 2013, he finished 4th. I decided to take him showing ... Uh oh! The SEIB Search for a star riding horse class.... He only qualified for HOYS at his first attempt!! 
The useless, silly horse had just made all of my dreams a reality - An England badge on my jacket & a HOYS ticket. He stood 7th at HOYS, and has gone from strength to strength, even winning working hunter classes. This horse is my world and I wouldn't have found him without Horsequest
My best friend, partner in crime and the most beautiful horse I've ever set eyes on - Mr Chips you are amazing!

We purchased the gelding Allandy Gold Spark from a seller who advertised him on Horsequest - He really caught our eye

When we phoned, he was labelled dangerous, hence why he was cheap. We arranged to go and view "Andy" and he was in a state, and I rode him and we brought him, since then it has taken us a year to really get to grips with him, and ever since he came on our yard, I seemed to click with him
Andy qualified at his first attempt for the RIHS in the non native under 143cm section, and at the final was 2nd highest placed amateur
This year, we have started our first season of 143cm workers and at our first show we took home 2 firsts and two championships, beating some previously HOYS qualified ponies
At our second show of the year, Andy done his first ever RIHS qualifier for the WHP section at BSPS area 17 at Onley - To our delight we went clear and won our class, and even better than that, took overall WHP champion. Later in the day we competed in the Supreme against some HOYS ponies (Parkhill Beckam, Witchhill Firelight etc) and too our amazement we was overall reserve supreme under an M&M judge too (supreme being Waterside Ben)!!! 
A few weeks on we competed at SOE spring in our first RIHS coloured non native qualifier, and he got his 2nd RIHS ticket booked, this time in the coloured section, and last but not least a few weeks on at BSPS area 14 Andy won and took champion Pretty Polly collecting his 3rd RIHS ticket in the Pretty Polly Large SHP
Yesterday we competed at Suffolk County in the HOYS qualifier for the 14hh WHP. It was a tough going as the ground was slippy. There was about 17 in the class and about 8 clear rounds. Andy went foot perfect and produced a flawless clear round, so close to the qualification yet so far gaining a 2nd place, losing marks on the style round the jumps (something we can work on)
If it hadn’t been for HorseQuest, I don’t think we would have ever found such an amazing pony - Thank you so much :)
My horse arrived very thin and poor due to a badly fitting saddle and wrong diet
His conformation had been hindered due to his saddle and he was unconfident and tense due to many homes
He has been an absolute superstar and really tries his best and he trees to look after his rider as I slipped my disc last year and have ongoing back issues and pain
He always talks to me and I have never known a horse to whinny and chatter which helps to build a lovely relationship
We have been doing a bit of riding club and natural horsemanship and classical dressage lessons which he tries his best

 We bought Kingscall via Horsequest

He was a successful LW Show Cob qualifying for RIHS & HOYS winning several Championships

He was also a successful Maxi Cob standing National Champion, unbeaten in 18 months and a 3rd at RIHS
Won Maxi Working Cob Championship twice, also standing Working Cob Champion at Equifest with 2013 with his then new owner
This is my best friend, my partner and my soulmate, Rowberton Takara, or to his friends, Harry. After years of nagging, my Mum gave in and our search for a horse began - I would check Horsequest daily for 'the one' until I finally saw him under the title of 'safe, sane and sensible', this 15.3hh 6 year old appaloosa gelding
I understand girls my age, 20 years old, want a horse they can do everything with, show jump, dressage, hunt. Not me!
Harry was being sold as his owner had bought him as a foal for eventing yet described getting on him as ''going from one of her ferraris, to a moped''. He was looking for a happy-hacker lifestyle and despite being the first horse we had tried I knew we were meant to be - I was right! He is perfection in my eyes and together we have come so far!
I understand people have horses that take their riding to the next level, horses in a million!
Harry hasn't qualified me for Hickstead, and we haven't shown at County level, but he has made me a better person and has given me more happiness than anyone ever has before
I was a cautious rider yet have found myself achieving my 1000 hours of the Pleasure Riding award scheme run by BApS, and he has won me some ribbons at some local shows including jumping classes! 
Giving Harry a spot in the hall of fame would be a small token of how much I love him and how thankful I am to Horsequest for helping me find my life-long partner

 I brought Cambridge as a 16month old from an advert on Horsequest

He's spent the last couple of years growing and becoming a true gent! 
This summer I'll be getting on board and starting his ridden career, watch this space... 
He's going to be a star! (I may be a little biased)!
This is Blackwell Sea Breeze (aka Eddie). I have had him just under 4 years now
Before I got him I was on Prelim dressage tests, and jumping one single fence at 65cm tops, now I am doing BD regionals, open cross country courses, been absolutely fearless
He has taken me to a national final 3 times, becoming class champion, reserve class champion (both in showing) and championship ride off in dressage
He taken me galloping through the sea bareback, and many more dreams that I had became true with this special pony
He means the world to me, I don't know what I would do without him at all, he is truly one in a million! 
I don't know what I would of done if I hadn't of got him, I owe everything to him and Horsequest! Thank you! 

 This our pony who came to us from a wanted on loan advert on Horsequest he was the most amazing pony 

He came to us age 21 having never carried a side saddle went on to win the intro dressage test at national side saddle championships
Then age 22 went on to be WHP champion of great Britain at the Royal London show and featured on the front cover of Whats On in December 2013 and sadly died 2 days later which was a big shock to my little girl age 9
We then went on to place another wanted on loan advert on Horsequest and once again found our next pony who is only 5 but a star in the making 
The pair have been talent spotted on the pathway to HOYS. We would never have found 2 amazing ponies on loan without Horsequest. :))))
Rocky is one in a million and within a couple of months he took me from jumping 80cm - 1.20
We went in the ring to jump my first 1.20 and we went and won it, a dream come true
We went through a stage where we were invincible, we used to go out every weekend and win class after class after class
He's amazing and has a heart of gold so he definitely deserves to be on here!
Thanks Horsequest!




 He is wonderful! Having looked at hundreds of adverts on Horse Quest and speaking to scores of owners, and viewing half a dozen horses, including one which failed the vetting, Danny was the first horse that ticked all of our many boxes

We were so keen to go and see him that we arranged an early as possible viewing even though the weather forecast was diabolical. You might remember those weeks in November 2012 when towns and villages all round the country were flooding
In fact OUR house was flooding! But we still made the treacherous journey up to the M5 from Bristol to Warwickshire - We just had to see our Irish dun before anyone else had viewed him - The weather on the way up was terrible, incredibly windy, we were blown all over the motorway
The viewing went so well we made an offer there and then - Our wonderful Instructor Georgie Barnes knew he would be perfect for Maisie's transition from pony to horse. However the lovely owner had already promised an interested buyer not to sell him until she had seen it! We made a plea and tried to say what a fantastic time Danny would have with us. But we had to bide our time because the owner was a woman of her word with strong moral ethics
Our journey home was truly awful. I could barely see to drive on the M5, I was seriously worried for our lives. The wind was gale force and the rain torrential
As we neared our rural farm the lanes were flooded and our 4x4 only just made it through the many floods. In fact, very sadly, a gentleman lost his life in the village next to ours that evening when his car was washed down a stream
When we finally made it home we found husband and second daughter bailing the flood waters rising in our very own home! So no time to think of Danny as we got stuck in saving our house
And Danny? Eventually he was ours! And he's been just perfect. A real gentleman
Maisie and he started eventing and won an unaffiliated 80 on their second outing. They won BE Chepstow 80(T) on their second BE outing. They get consistently good dressage scores and have many double clears. They are currently competing at BE 90 and qualified at Calmsden for a Grassroots Regional Final. Their next move is to do a few unaffiliated 100's before going BE100 later in the summer
We are so grateful to Horse Quest for helping us to find our lovely boy. We will certainly be using HQ again next summer when we will be looking for the next ride
However we might not use HQ when it's time for Danny to introduce another young rider to eventing, as everywhere we go people want to buy him!
Having sought a quality broodmare, for what seemed an eternity, I browsed Horsequest and saw before my eyes just what I was looking for, daring to contact Ann, before 11.00am, I telephoned having already made up my mind, that I wanted her
Due to her show record, I didn’t go to view her because of the distance, because I knew I was speaking to a genuine lady who wanted the mare to carry on showing
I picked her up and took her to stud to foal and put back in foal
This Mare has gone on to win with me the Hunter Show small broodmare championship, the Great Yorkhsire Show three times, Scottish Horse show Lincoln Show, Rydale Show, Yorkshire Sport Horse show
Her stock are outstanding, and I have retained five foals, all now competing, two of her foals have stood reserve champion at the Great Yorkshire
Herself a prolific Working Hunter, with an amazing jump and fantastic limbs, she is a horse of a lifetime, and I am eternally grateful to Ann for giving me the opportunity to own her, when she was approached by so many other people
I have made a good friend as well through, just by chance browsing on Horsequest on a particular day as I do most days, but not expecting to find her….it was just meant to be and goes beyond buying a horse!  
Its created a great friendship, opened doors to other parts of the country and given me the confidence to buy two other horses who are also fantastic finds! 

 Raz has taught me to ride. In 2008, when I was 8, I was looking for my first pony. I saw Cnapaton Razzmatazz aka Raz for sale on Horsequest

When we went to view her she was stood there in plaits and she looked beautiful. I was learning on the lead rein at that time and Raz was a very experienced pony on and off the lead rein
She went amazing when I rode we and we agreed to buy her. In 2009 I qualified for trailblazers championships which was a dream - I won my class both and got overall ridden champion, I had never been so happy
Soon I was off the lead rein and qualified 2010 first ridden however couldn't make it. I carried on learning with Raz through to 2013 and Raz is now nearly 17 and happily retired
She has been the best first pony I could have asked for!
I saw Macky on Horsequest could be seen at PUK Newark Showground and I begged my mum to go and see him and fell in love as soon as I sat on him
I struggled to sell my other pony and when he was sold I rang up about Macky hoping he was still advertised! 
He was bought from a showing yard and had only done flat Intermediate Show Hunter Classes
He has proved amazing jumping and has built my career up and together we have been very successful! 
We always compete at Equifest and won the Restricted Small Hunter last year and went Champion!!
He is the perfect horse and I am so happy to have him! Thankyou Horse Quest!

I have owned Get Ready Freddie for 6 months

He's a 12.2 JA pony who is 26 yrs old and is a total legend
So far this year we have qualified for the royal international at Hickstead
Came 2nd in the 128 Grand Prix at Pony Of The Year and won leading rider and last weekend qualified for Horse Of The Year Show!
Thanks Horsequest!
I bought Magic Monkey back in February this year after seeing his advert on Horsequest
We viewed him ASAP for my 7 yr old daughter who had lost her confidence and wanted a pony to teach her the ropes of BS and look after her
Monkey is 22yrs old and an absolute saint, exactly as the advert described him and couldn't have asked more from a pony.... 
Tilly is one double clear away from qualifying for SCOPE this year, a dream come true, one very happy little girl and one very happy mother :-)
V-Max is the most amazing horse I've ever owned, via Horsequest I bought him for eventing however he was a pure dressage horse
This is my weakest phase so I thought if I bought a dressage horse and taught it to jump that might be the way forward
Max has turned out to be incredibly genuine and nothing is too much trouble
He took to event easily, last season he had a few wins and qualified for Grass Roots at Badminton
Which has been my ambition, I've now moved him up to BE novice. Considering he's only been jumping a year no fence is too big. And surprisingly I’m enjoying the dressage phase!
Not only is he more talented than I could ever of imagined but he has such a super character - He is so much fun, he is my world
We bought Annie as my daughters first LR show pony, they were both 4 yrs old so starting out together
Annie was the most genuine, kind natured pony and had an old head on young shoulders, teaching Harriet all she needed to know for LR classes
It wasn't long before they were doing FR classes and in the first season won supreme at our County Show - Just 2 babies together !! 
Annie was a perfect hack and Harriet would ride her alongside out pointers on exercise. A total poppet in everyway !! 
So pleased we found her on Horsequest 12 years ago, started our daughter on the road to being a great horsewoman
Thanks you so much!

 I am 13yrs old and I have been competing affiliated show jumping for only a year and a half - I bought my pony Charlie from Horsequest last year

In the short time I have owned him he has taken me from jumping 80cm to 1.15+ courses
This year we have qualified Blue chip Sparkle 1.15 placing 2nd at my first attempt taking us through to the Championships in April
More recently we have qualified the Mandy Hall Members Cup 1.15 having to come in the top 6 to qualify for the Scope Festival, this again was our first attempt! 
I feel we deserve to go on Horsequest wall of fame as although it’s not always easy and there are plenty of ups and downs along the way, Charlie is teaching me so much and helping me to realise some of my ambitions in Showjumping and I’m sure we will go on to do much more together
Thank you Horsequest for helping me find my one in a million superstar pony
Welcome to the story of a horse called Dennis
I bought Dennis after I lost my last horse and had a huge gap in my life. I went from a draught horse to Dennis a full TB. I had lots to learn!! 
To start with it was like sitting on a fence rather than a nice arm chair, and he moved a lot quicker than the last one
We have grown over the 5 years I have now had him, we have done eventing, dressage, show jumping, pleasure rides and horse ball
Everything he puts his whole heart into and I never thought I'd trust a horse enough to hang off the side of him with my head near his feet. Everything I've heard about TB he is not, yes he is quick, but more of a cob in a TB skin - He is as brave as they come and will jump anything I point him at
I am so pleased that the hole in my life was filled by Dennis and he now has his forever home as I can't bear to part with him. Thank you Horsequest for helping me find him!
My friend saw a 14 year old mare "Treoes Guest of Honour" advertised on Horsequest in 2010
My mother bred this pony and I decided to buy her back - She was purchased from the Sandydean Stud in March 2010
Honour had been a broodmare and I bought her back just out of sentiment
I thought at 15 she was no longer going to be a show mare but after I got her home I decided to show her in part bred Welsh classes
In 2010 She won her class at Bridgend County and took the championship so won a WPCS Bronze Medal
She continued to do well although was only lightly shown and gained another two bronze medals in 2011 and 2012 before being retired
In 2011 she was 4th in the Part Bred Inhand championship class at the National Welsh Part Bred Show in Malvern, not bad for a mare of 16 years of age
Sadly I did not breed a foal from her and had to have her put to sleep in April of this year at the age of 19.Honour was a tremendous pony who had a lovely quality about her 
She is missed but it is thanks to Horsequest that I was able to buy her back and enjoy showing her
Albecyn Charlie Boy - intermediate WH
We saw Charlie advertised on HQ late in 2010 - During the 4 years I've had him he has won:
  • BSPS novice WHP final
  • BSPS blue division final
  • Classic security final
  • Noble Bing WHP supreme at BSPS summer champs 2012
  • Royal Windsor champion 2013
  • 2nd RIHS final intermediate WH
  • Member of the England WHP squad 2013
Winner of RIHS & HOYS qualifiers too numerous to mention in intermediate WH, coloured classes and open WH
He is my ultimate horse of a life time and I still can't believe what he has won for me! He's only 9 now and still has so much to win - I will be handing him over to my sister at the end of the year so she can have some fun with him
After seeing my horse, Donnerlastic advertised on the Horses of the Week page in Horse & Hound at £10500 I knew I would buy him if I could raise the funds
My luck was in and he was reduced to £8500 and advertised on Horsequest AND there was a video of him being ridden by professional dressage rider/trainer/judge Sarah Williams
I loved the video of him and although I was short of funds I asked if I could view him whilst waiting to try and get a sale on a mare I owned - I kept coming back to Horsequest to watch the video! 
The owner of the horse agreed a sale to me and Sarah told me this was a horse who needed to 'fall in love' with his new owner and make a bond
Subsequently, a previous trainer of mine told me to sell the horse as he was a difficult Donnerhall bred warmblood! 
4yrs on and he now does dressage, show jumps, sidesaddle and hacks out - I love him to bits
Thanks Horsequest for that video link!
He has proven to be THE most sensible affectionate character of a horse I have ever owned...having owned 12 other horses over the years
He talks to me, licks me, does everything I ask
He comes to call in the field and travels well...just waiting on the box if he needs to
I never need to get cross with him - he should have been a puppy dog he's just amazing
Classictop Totty deserves a place because she has been a very consistent large hack throughout her career, getting to HOYS five times and winning many classes and championships
She is a lovely stamp of a horse and a real find

 Tiny Tom was found on HQ and he has been a pony in a million, taking my then 10 year old daughter to her first 90cm SJ classes, up to BE90, qualifying for Badminton Grassroutes in their first season (both aged 11) then the pair of them aged 12, finished 16th with a fabulous double clear at the Grassroutes

Progressing up to 100 and then taking her, aged 13 round her first pony trial
He is a total gem and there is a sibling fight going on as younger sister is now determined its her turn to have the wonderful Tom!! 
He will never be sold, he has a home with us for life as he is one in a million and we couldn’t imagine life without him! 
Thank you Horsequest!

 We were looking through Horsequest dreaming one day and saw a pony Kildea Hero. We called number and arranged to try him at Morris Equestrian centre as we got talking with old owner 

He allowed us to take him on trial for 1 week - The first day we took him home my daughter sat on him and just clicked within 5 minutes!
My 11 year old who was jumping 90 cm tracks, was jumping 115 
We did everything on him in a week and agreed to buy him!
My daughter adores him and within 8 weeks jumped her first Royal Highland Show qualifier and qualified
This pony really is our Hero and was best thing we ever did, looking through the ads that day!
Kildea is now doing tricks swimming at the beach - He really is her best friend x

Chunky was bought via Horsequest as a 5 year old Irish Draught who we believed had only ever hunted with the Quorn and the Galway Blazers

As a 6 year old we now show him successfully under saddle in Ridden hunter and Irish Draught classes
Our recent successes are at Surrey county show where we won the Novice ridden hunter class and at the Royal Bath and West show where we were placed 5th in strong competition
I also hunt him during the winter with the Wilton and South and West Wilts hunt

 I seen my pony Cadfach Rhydian advertised on HorseQuest and he looked perfect for what I was looking for there was only one problem he was situated in Cardiff and I lived in Scotland

After persuading my mum to take me an 8 hour drive, I arrived and it's like Rhydian and I clicked. I knew he was special and I desperately wanted him. My mum was a little unsure as he still needed work done
So we went to see another pony that wasn't advertised on HorseQuest but I knew Rhydian suited me more. After I met him, I wasn't leaving without him
When we reached home my mum worked with him for a year and I gradually started to ride him more - I'm not a confident jumper so I mostly worked with his ridden
I've had Rhydian 3 years now and throughout the two years I've shown him, he does well every time. Last year my family drove down to Wales, again, for the Royal Welsh, we had went for the experience and didn't expect anything, especially as it was our first time - I was entered for the WHP and managed to go clear, I was ecstatic and shocked as to how I managed it as I hadn't practiced much on our jumping
Then we went into the ring for our results...... My number was called first and I couldn't stop myself from crying. It was a dream to win The Royal Welsh show!  Better still, we went on to get Overall Reserve WHP Champion
Later Rhydian and I done the Sec C HOYS ridden and finished 4th which I was so happy about because I was standing next to some amazing ponies
Also last year Rhydian and I made it into the Welsh pony and Cob Society book which I was so thankful for. I love this pony so much and I'm so thankful for this special gift - He truly is my once in a lifetime pony!
Since buying Mac in 2011 via Horsequest we have had so much fun and success and achieved above and beyond all that I had done previously
After establishing our partnership at unaffiliated level, we qualified for BD regional finals at prelim, coming 6th in the regionals
This year we go to the regionals at novice in August, and are now getting good results at Elementary. We qualified for the BE Badminton Grassroots finals, and competed there in 2013, and have 3 qualification slots at BE90 and 100 for 2014
We have won at BE90 on two occasions with many other top 10 results, and were 6th on our last outing BE100. After some success at local working hunter, we are looking to try the 'Search for a Star' workers this summer
Having owned and worked with many horses in the past, Mac is definitely my 'horse of a lifetime
I owe him so much for all the fun and competitive success, but also for completely re building my confidence from Dec 2013, after I fell badly from a friends horse whilst jumping, breaking my pelvis and neck
I was back on Mac in under 6 weeks, but only rode him for some time, and still suffer confidence blips jumping anything other than him! 
Mac is always happy in his work, and is a huge character, I wouldn't swap him for anything!!
We got Bertie in 2011 and we have had him 3 years this year in December
He is the most loving gentle pony and has taken me from jumping 80 to big 1m tracks at premier shows
He is an amazing pony and we have just come back from arena uk with a double clear in the newcomers and 2nd in the British Novice
I would love him to be on the wall of fame to show everyone how amazing he is!

Lowland Paperlace affectionately known as  "Kiwi" 

She was just the most amazing pony
At 5 herself she got me off the lead, taught me to canter, safely took me in the ring giving me some wonderful memories 
Our best was 5 sashes, 3 cups and 5 championships including one supreme championship @BSPS at the 2005 summer champs 
Sadly because I outgrew her she was sold 
She is now breeding champions herself!
The perfect childs pony fantastic in everyway - Kind and gentle

A super star pony of a lifetime who I learnt so much and did everything with 

Just a couple of our successes:
  • PUK Pretty Polly supreme 
  • NPS Home Produced Ridden Supreme 
She took me through the ranks of Lead rein, first ridden, junior ridden then opens with wins and placing at lots of the champs 

This amazing pony has gone onto teach lots of other young children 
She is now 18 and happily living out her older days with her current owners
After sadly losing my small riding horse mare last April, the hunt began to find another, however he or she has huge boots to fill. Mum and I travelled all over the UK last year searching with no luck
One day after HOYS I was looking through Horsequest and noticed a new advert for a 4 year old small riding horse gelding
I rang straight away and the following day mum and I travelled to see him. I knew from the moment I saw him he was the one - Eric came home the following week! 
I did some dressage over the winter which he excelled at regularly winning with over 70% and then started showing him this year. He qualified RIHS first attempt as a small riding horse at the bsha spring show winning his first open class and standing reserve champion (with a picture in horse and hound too!) 
Epic Tale (Eric) and I then qualified for HOYS at the North of England Horse Show at the beginning of July
We were (and still are) completely over the moon as it was such a shock - he is only 5  years old and in his novice season - what a star! Eric has the most fantastic temperament and is so laid back - He always tries his best and gives me 110%
I'm so so lucky to have found him so thank you Horsequest!
I saw Rupert, a welsh section b gelding, for the first time being beaten and told off for no reason and each time I saw the poor pony the same thing would happen 
I begged my mum for a welsh b and I looked on this website and found him - I said look I like this one and I was told maybe?!
On Christmas Day my mum took me up to the yard and gave me polo to feed my other ponies - I looked in a stable and there I saw the amazing pony 
We have taken our time as he was very upset and would not settle in his head and what the owners had done is made him a head shaker
Each day I would wake up and work him as I felt this pony was amazing. We took him to our first show and he was totally incredible, he won all his class and came joint first in a HOYS class
I would always come to Horsequest to buy a pony - He is my once in a life time pony!
Zac was sold when we phoned his owner, but about a month later we got a phone call telling us the buyer had decided not to buy him and he was still for sale
He was in wales and I live in Scotland which meant my dad didn't have time to go and see him due to business commitments, so we decided to take the chance and buy him without viewing him - I was nervous as this was my first horse but I don't regret it one bit! 
I couldn't ask for a better natured horse, he is cheeky and a tad crazy but I wouldn't have him any other way
He was bought to jump and he definitely can! 
We bought him purely on photos and videos through HorseQuest and I'm so glad we did
I lost my previous pony to an unknown cause. She was my angel but when I saw my new horse after finding her on HorseQuest something just clicked
She is my angel and looks after me so much as I do her
She is fizzy yet so safe
When you put any younger children on her she switches and goes half asleep haha
She deserves it because she is such a caring horse always looking after her rider, she is my guardian angel!

In 2012, via Horsequest, we brought him out of a field and went to RIHS and HOYS in his first year

Since he has qualified for RIHS 3 times and HOYS this year





Her name is Lilly - Lilly is five years old, she is 16 hands
Lilly was bottle feed when a baby. Lilly's is my Little baby, Lilly is an amazing horse she Knows everything that happens around her
She's very smart she can open her stable door and let herself out and walk over to her food in the middle of the night
Lilly is very sensitive when I'm upset she would but her head over my shoulder as if to say I'm here , I would be lost without her she's not just a horse or pet to me she's my little baby and part if the family
Lilly deserves this because she puts everyone In front of her no matter what - She's a star!
We bought Westfirle Red Kite at the beginning of May. When I first saw his picture on Horsequest I knew we just had to have him! 
We made the 4 hour trip down to Sussex with the horse box to view him. He didn't disappoint, he was even more beautiful than in the picture, my daughter rode him and to my delight she loved him too. She after a bit of negotiation he came home with us
Our first show was a local show, Henry was a star, he won the m & m lead rein and was mini champion. Our next show was the Royal Three Counties, unfortunately we didn't get placed, but we carried on contesting the Hoys classes gaining a 6th and 7th place in our next two shows
Henry had already qualified for the Royal International Horse Show when we bought him, as we had never been before we were going to enjoy the day and try our best to get a place
Henry was rather enjoying the atmosphere as he had never been to such a big show we weren't sure how he would cope. Our turn in the ring came, there was 28 forward, our first trot went well and the judges seemed to like him, we then did our shows which also went to plan, we could now only hope...... 
They started to call the numbers out in reverse order, they were getting closer to first place and I thought we had done our best but we hadn't got a place, but that was ok, we'd had a great couple of days and it was an amazing experience
Then they called 165 as the winner..... OMG!!! that was us, we had only gone and WON...our first ever Royal International and we had Won, not only won we were mini champion as well! 
We could not believe it, still can't - What an amazing, overwhelming experience. We are all still on a high, the best experience of our showing days so far!
Thank you Henry and thank you to his breeder for selling him to us
Maddie is a little superstar! I brought her when she was 7 and now she is 11
Its not all been easy though. The first winter I had her she just changed all of a sudden. She used to rear, buck and take off. I was petrified to get on. I didn't want to ride any more. I would like to groom but not to ride
There was that one person at the stables who helped us through it all. Nigel used to come up to the school with me everyday and help me with my confidence and gave me tips
We carried on for a few months and she eventually calmed down. I remember the first time I got on her after the winter where she didn't do anything wrong - I was over the moon! 
Things from then just went up and up! She started putting her heart into her work and our bonding began
We have bonded so much! Maddie has done so much for me from boosting my confidence to winning my first ever sash!  She will never be forgotten and is definitely a one in a million pony! 
I found my best friend Jim on the HorseQuest Website in July 2009, within 24 hours I had tried and agreed to buy him
His advert was headed ‘One in a Million’, which sums him up perfectly! 
I brought Just Jimmy as an eventing schoolmaster to give me experience on a horse who knew his job, as he had already competed up to CCI2* with his previous owner
Within two months we had completed two FEI CIC1* events - For the following season and a half, we went through teething problems, particularly on the Cross Country as I started to find Jim very strong, however there were also glimmers of greatness with a 2nd place result in our first Intermediate-Novice at Glanusk International
By mid 2011 I felt as though we truly understood one another and went on to complete my first Intermediate & CIC2*. Since then Jim has far exceeded all expectations and gone on to complete two Advanced and two CIC3* events all jumping clear Cross Country!
I considered selling Jimmy a few years ago when things weren’t going to plan, along with accidents falling from him, but I believed in him too much to let him go
I’m very glad I kept going as he has given me the opportunity to fulfil some lifetime ambitions of jumping around the famous Gatcombe Park Bowl and competing at Bramham CIC3* both in front of big crowds and alongside some of the best horses and riders in the world
Jim isn’t the typical 3* event horse, he’s skewbald and barely 15.2hh, he doesn’t move like a dressage horse and jumps in his own unique way, but he does have the biggest heart and an immense amount of trust and belief in our 5 year partnership, that somehow makes the impossible, possible!

 My perfect pony Ping deserves a place on the wall of fame because me and her have the strongest connection possible

I have had her for 3 years and it has been the best 3 years of my life! I jump a lot of BS on her and we jump at Foxhunter and 1.15 level.
She took me from jumping 80cm to the final round of the winter JC coming 7th. I love Ping with all my heart, nothing could ever replace her
I owe her my life but she owes me nothing! 
I spend all my spare time with her, brushing, riding or just sitting reading in her stable
When I'm out of juniors in 2 years time (I'm 14) we are not going to sell Ping, she is hopefully going to have a foal to be a horse for me to ride in seniors
My little sister who is 5 years old brushes her on her own and ping just completely looks after her! Ping has bags of character and me and her clicked within the first few weeks
She is not an easy ride but I love riding her so much, she's really wizzy and fast which is my type of pony! 
I would like to thank HorseQuest, as without it I would never have found my perfect Ping!
I bought Kavanaghs Miss America (Dyllis) from an advert on Horse Quest in January 2012 as an unbroken 5 year old

In the first year we owned her, we only showed her in hand. As a youngster she had shown very successfully, and this continued with us

Our first show together in spring, we took reserve supreme of show. We didn't back her in that first year, as she simply was not ready

The following winter however, the time was right - She took to ridden work like a duck to water, she loved finally having a proper job to do

She loves hacking out and trips to the beach. In our first season under saddle, we didn't do many big shows, we kept it simple as she was still very babyish, but we still easily qualified for CHAPS, BSPA, NCPA, ponies (uk) and equifest, and won many championships along the way

This season kicked off with yet again taking reserve supreme of show at her first show of the year
She yet again qualified for all the championship shows, but this year went a step further. In June, we qualified for the Royal International Horse Show 2015 - I couldn't of been any prouder, as we are completely home produced

I didn't feel she was ready to contest the HOYS classes this season, so that will be our aim for next year

It's been a long road to get to where we are, there really has been blood, sweat and tears, but it has been more then worth it - Dyllis really is my horse in a million!!!
After losing my beautiful horse Spirit after battling with the rehab for the removal of 5 kissing spines I felt so lost. Not only had I lost a wonderful friend but also my hobby, I felt completely bereft and a huge hole filled my heart
I realised very quickly that I wanted another horse, it didn't feel dishonest to Spirit, in fact I knew he would want be to be happy. I started looking for a new friend, my criteria was that I wanted to show a Hunter at County level and that it couldn't be Bay as that would be just too similar to Spirit
After a couple of months of looking but not finding anything to float my boat a horse stabled quite close to home caught my eye on Horsequest, he was way out of my price range but I just couldn't get him out of my head
By this time I had sold almost everything I owned that wasn't essential and was in with a chance of my insurance company paying for Spirit so I gingerly picked up the phone and made an appointment to view Fiddler, a wonderful 17.1h middleweight, dapple grey
Well, I know that this may sound corny but it was love at first sight for both of us, the bond that can take years to build between horse and owner was there immediately. I just had to have him and made an offer that was accepted. Then disaster struck and the extra money I was hoping for didn't appear after all and with a heavy heart I called and retracted my offer. After a miserable evening, imagine my delight when I received a call the next day to say that the owner would take the amount I had managed to raise
Within the week he was home with me. We had a rocky first few months after he sustained a hind suspensory ligament and for a while I thought he may be retired not only was the suspensory an issue but Fiddler has a very large scar on one hind quarter sustained as a 2 year old which means that extra work goes into keeping him from becoming one sided. But with hard work and a very slow rehab we managed our first county show in 2013
We returned again this year to be placed 6th in a Hoys qualifier at which point I decided to buy some brave pants and enter SEIB Search For a Star, well imagine my surprise when not only did we go but we qualified!! 
So HOYS here we come and thank you Horsequest, I may never have found the horse of my life without your website! 
The week before the British Show Pony Championships 2010 my life changed forever. The pony who I had watched for endless hours, drooling and dreaming over, had finally become for sale on Horsequest
My mum immediately brought him over the phone and he arrived on the 4th September, 4 weeks before the Horse of the Year Show, our debut performance together
 I couldn’t believe my luck. Finally after years of wishing and hoping that one day I could ride him, I was aboard Roseberry Highland Fling and more importantly, he was mine
Those four weeks flashed by and all too suddenly we were entering the Caldene Practice area. It felt like the whole of HOYS at stopped to luck at us. I felt sick. I have never known a pony to stop a showground and he did it every time. He just steals people’s hearts everywhere he goes
Harry glided around HOYS with his usual grace and perfect manners. What seemed a lifetime passed and we had been called into second place. Oh my god - We were second at HOYS!
The following season saw us take 2 tricolours, 2 Royal International tickets and a supreme at our first show of the year. We then went onto to win our local county show, qualify for HOYS and stood 4th at the Royal International with the highest ride mark
At the end of the season, Harry was nominated for the Showing World Pony Personality of the year
Harry is the most beautiful and soulful animal in the entire world. He casts a spell over you that can only be truly understood if you have been a part of his magic. I have never truly found a word that fully describes him. 
Thank you Horsequest for helping me to find my best friend - I am truly grateful
My horse Pippa is the highest ranking XC jumper in Leinster
When she was young she had an accident while being broken for showjumping and was terrified of show poles, but after weeks of work she was jumping a metre triple bar
She is a beautiful purebred Arab that has the sweetest nature ever she is such a honest horse and is such a character
She did a good bit of dressage with her old owner and every time we are in a lesson she will start doing dressage ON HER OWN with no help
She is the most amazing horse ever and I would never want to lose her
This amazing pony has gone from being a broodmare to taking me eventing at top level
:) I love this pony, please vote!
She has exceeded all the expectations I ever had of her and more! I saw Pip advertised on Horsequest in June 2012 and loved her as soon as I tried her
Since then we have gone from strength to strength, competing in all disciplines. She is a fabulous allround pony, competing in BE, BD and BSPS WHP
In her second show season, we have stepped up to open whp classes with great success, qualifying and competing at RIHS, winning the BSPS winter championships restricted open 153cm whp and at the summer championships winning the novice and challenge open 153cm whp and reserve champion coloured WHP
Last year we were talent spotted by TSR and were lucky enough to ride at HOYS in the masterclass as a WHP
Although she loves jumping, she knows when it's dressage time, scoring 83.35% in the BSPS gold cup test this year. We affiliated her BD last year and competed at the Petplan Prelim National Dressage Finals in Hartpury and has competed in Prelim and Novice achieving results of over 70%
We qualified JASBE90/100 Championships and I hope to do more BE 2015 as she loves XC! 
Apart from being such an amazing competition pony she is also a fun pony, going for gallops and swims on the beach. She is the loveliest pony to have around and is known on the yard as 'Perfect Pip'! 
Pip is a one in a million pony and I am so lucky to have her. She always try's her heart out, whether it's jumping or dressage and she has given me the confidence to jump anything and has given me the most fun any horse could offer! 
At just 7 years old she has so much more ahead of her and I am looking forward to 2015
I found Cwmduad Peter Pan or Woody as we call him, on Horsequest back in Oct 2012 and from the moment I saw his picture I fell in love with him
He gives me everything and he has taken me to pony club champs at dressage, qualified for the BRC BE80 champs and successfully competed at BE90 and im only 13!!!! 
He is my pony if a lifetime and my best friend!  
He's cheeky, loving and has taught me so much.... Who could ask for more!
Oyster Hill, aka Sean, wasn't the horse I was looking for, but when I saw his advert on Horsequest something made me go and see him, and that was it! 
Almost a year in, my first horse and I have had an interesting year, we may not have achieved what we planned but have had a fab time
He tried so hard not to hurt me during an accident XC, injuring himself in the progress but we are now both back fit and starting over
Most rewarding of all, despite being a very anxious TB, he has finally started to relax and trust me....there has been nothing as wonderful as hearing the uncatchable horse snickering and running to the gate to meet you!
Thank you Horsequest!
I saw Lloyd (Ever So Lightly) my dream horse advertised on HorseQuest, but he was out if my price range, so I never made the call
I then placed a wanted advert on HorseQuest for my dream horse and much to my amazement, his owners responded to my advert
They were willing to lower his price, as they wanted him to go to a 5* home
Not only that, but he came with the ride in the MW Hunters at HOYS which was the most amazing ride of my life
He has been a truly wonderful kind horse, who has now turned his hoof to affiliated dressage, qualifying for the Regionals first time out
We have now been selected to ride for the British Dressage England Team, yet another dream come true - so many thanks to HorseQuest, I have found a truly amazing horse! 
He was my bestest friend!! 
Very well known and loved by everyone! Sparkey had the best character I’ve ever known in a horse - he was cheeky and naughty, but very loving
He really does deserve a place in this competition!! 
I got Sparkey when I was 7 years old and he will always be the bestest part of my childhood 
Sadly he passed away 2 years ago but always in my heart!! R.I.P
We bought Henry in October 2013 after I sadly outgrew my old ponies. We’d been on the look out for a new horse for a while; we wanted something that my mum and I could share
After scrolling down Horsequest’s pages for hours and hours looking to find the perfect horse I came across Henry - I instantly fell in love with the pictures of him he was gorgeous
The only down side to this was that he was based in Ireland with Nicola and Hannah Finlay, and we are based in Wales. Therefore it made it very difficult for us to go and view him
We looked at prices of flights, but they were just so expensive and Mum couldn’t get the time off work. I really thought I was going to have to forget about him
We saw several videos of him that Nicola and Hannah had sent us such as him XC schooling, doing flat work and showjumping; these videos made us love him even more
Mum and I decided that he was perfect for us and that we had to have him, therefore we made the brave decision to buy him unseen…others thought we were damn right crazy buying him without even seeing him but we were 
sure he was the right horse for us
A couple of days later he arrived here with us in Wales, we sure weren’t disappointed. He was everything Nicola and Hannah said he was. I was so excited
Henry was bought for my mum and I to share, but mum hadn’t ridden for 15 years before getting on him therefore she was quite nervous
But this was not needed as Henry was a saint and looked after Mum perfectly. Mum and Henry now compete together in British Dressage Team Quest with her friends and often scores 8’s in her tests
Whilst Mum does dressage with him and goes hacking weekly on her days off, I compete him as a 153cm SHP and a 153cm WHP, and at our third show we won all of our classes and took Supreme of the show. We also love XC training where he jumps most of the open jumps; he really looks after me, as I never use to jump. At our show jumping competitions we started off doing the 70cm classes but are now jumping the one-meter tracks, going clear and winning! We also love going for a good gallop and a swim in the sea at the beach. He is so versatile and will turn his hoof at anything. 
My brother was dressing up as Lord of the Rings with his friends for a night out and even asked whether he was allowed to go get ‘Shadowfax’ (henry) from the field! 
Henry’s definitely one of the family and is truly loved. We also keep in contact with Nicola and Hannah and let them know how we’re getting on, which is lovely
I’d like to thank Nicola and Hannah for selling us their special boy, and to everyone at Horsequest who made Henry viewable
We really are so lucky to have found him; he’s one in a million and will stay with us for life
After trawling through hundreds of websites for months, I saw Dexter’s advertisement on Horsequest in 2005 - I remember remarking to his owner at the time that you seem to get a better quality of horse advertised on Horsequest
I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him, he was the type of horse I daydreamed about and drew on the margin of my textbooks at school. He was my first horse and it took my 25 years to get one, he was a challenge though, a typical Welsh Cob (I had no idea!) who tried it on with me, napping at first when I tried to hack out, pretending to spook at nothing, dropping his shoulder and tipping me off
It was like he did it for a laugh but when we got a partnership going, these challenges made the triumphs all the more sweeter
We had a good run at showing at local shows as he had a great presence, enjoyed long hacks and did a bit of natural horsemanship (which at my dressage mad yard was slightly frowned upon)
He was endlessly patient at giving pony rides to my nephews, nieces and then my baby son, never putting a foot wrong as he knew he was carrying precious cargo. He didn't really like hugs and cuddles or rugs or schooling but he put up with them manfully
At 17, Dexter suffered a bout of severe laminitis and despite a long battle to save him he never recovered but he was brave to the end
I had seven amazingly happy years with him and I know it sounds really soppy I used to tell him that he was my 'horse of a thousand dreams' and I found him on Horsequest
My daughter wanted to enter her pony but is unable to do so as she is only 6 so I am entering her on her behalf
We found Maesyfelin Miss Elle aka Twinkle through Horsequest back in May
She is my daughter's first pony and what a pony she is, she has a genuine love of children and wants to please, she is golden when ridden and in the field and well mannered when stabled which means that my daughter is able to care for her with little assistance from myself
She is a credit to the two young girls who owned her previously
My daughter wanted to say: 
Twink is very special to me. She is teaching me to ride and how to care for a pony. She is very gentle and already knows what she is doing. She looks after me and is always excited to see me. She is beautiful and clever
We have been to 2 shows and she has won 4 rosettes - I'm very proud of her. She is safe to ride and makes me feel safe
I love spending time with her and learning from her, she is my best friend even though she can be cheeky
The other day she stole the treats out of the boot of the car and she doesn't like to stand still but we are working on that. It took time to find me a pony but we have found the one for me
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