Horse Quest UK - A sad goodbye and new beginning
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A sad goodbye and new beginning

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So it's been a while, sorry guys! I promise I will make a conscious effort to write more from now on!

A lot has happened since my last update. Sadly we packed Herbie off to his new home where he will live the life of a little girl's best friend! He has taught me lots, made me smile numerous times and even made me cry so he will be sorley missed!

However because we can’t help ourselves his stable wasn't empty long! Qu a thank you to HorseQuest, for this is where we found our next project - an unbroken rising 4 year old stallion called Gambo!

He is such a Joey Essex, gorgeous but thick! So far we have backed him all ourselves and he has been a star! Most family evenings where spent with Dad and I squabbling over who will do what first and I’m proud to say I was the first person to ever sit on him and walk him!

We aren't rushing him, and plan to introduce him to things gradually over the summer for next year. However he is learning quickly and has already jumped 2 jumps together and moved cows which he loved – so he really has replaced Herbie!

Until next time!

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