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Bodinus (heartbreaker) x oscar (Wolfgang) x keneddy (2020) gelding

Ref #: 322646
  • This is a very exciting young horse!
  • Gelding
  • 3 years
  • 16.2 hands
  • This is a very exciting young horse!

His sire bodinus is a prolific sire of sport horses and comes from the famous sire heartbreaker who needs little introduction!

This guys dam is “prestatie “ graded and is from a massive performance pedigree with too many high ne sport horses to list across the disciplines!

His own siblings range from horses jumping to 135cm level and high level dressage competitors.

He also has loads of thoroughbred blood and this widens his appeal for the Eventers aswell as the obvious jumper and dressage appeal.

Emerald x arko x Bon ami (2013) gelding

Ref #: 318523
  • A lovely horse with all the quality
  • Gelding
  • 10 years
  • 16.2 hands
  • A lovely horse with all the quality

His breeding needs no introduction!

Emerald is without question the stallion of the moment with his impact reaching far and wide in showjumping.

His damline is the same story! Arko being the wonder horse of nick Skelton in years gone by…

This guy has jumped to 135cm level in ireland and is now in the uk to develop his career further.

Will be a welcome addition to anybodies string he’s currently jumping to 130cm level..


Magnum van de bischop (elvis ter putte) x tjunske

Ref #: 323265
  • He’s a great type
  • A real mover and a special jumper worthy of anybodies stable to produce
  • Gelding
  • 3 years
  • 16.1 hands
  • He’s a great type
  • A real mover and a special jumper worthy of anybodies stable to produce

A cracker!

Straight from his breeder to make 16.1hh  approx 3yo gelding .

His sire magnum van de bischop is now at 145cm level and is a very exciting horse ! He is the product of two legends, elvis ter putte and nabab de reve !

This guys damline strikes a cord with us as we have had many from it over the years …

His dams siblings include :

”Fibonacci “ (carambole) licensed stallion and 130cm jumper

“Joule w” (carambole) 140cm jumper under Jean luc maurier of france

“Kawaomie w” (carambole) jumps 130cm classes .


Nantieul (Halifax) x dieu merci x burgraf (2019) mare

Ref #: 323264
  • A great project for someone!
  • Mare
  • 4 years
  • 16 hands
  • A great project for someone!

Recently weaned a foal she is rough from the farm and ready for someone to produce , this is a very exciting prospect for a lady or young rider , she will win some serious classes ! She is a machine .!

Her sire Nantieul van t and l jumps to 140cm level and is a son of the legendary SCUDERIA 1918 HALIFAX VAN HET KLUIZEBOS 

Ridden by lorenzo de luca to 170cm level .

Her dam line is flawless combining the top sires of burgraaf and toulon via dieu merci Who himself was ridden to 160cm level by Canadian Beth underhill.

She’s totally uneducated but has a super step and a really  fabulous jump .

Total us (totilas) x salieri (silvano) x lagano (2020) gelding

Ref #: 322915
  • This guy represents the best of both worlds for a future in dressage or eventing
  • Gelding
  • 3 years
  • 16.3 hands
  • This guy represents the best of both worlds for a future in dressage or eventing

16.1hh approx 3yo gelding.

Sire GLOCK’s Total U.S. embodies the best of dressage genes. His father Totilas set three world records under Edward Gal and made dressage history. His mother’s father Sir Donnerhall I is also a title hero and historically uniquely significant creator of champions, being one of the best stallions in the world.

His dam jumped to 120cm level while his dams siblings include :

  • ”Seven up” (salieri)jumps 160cm classes 
  • “Salinero”(salieri)competes to Grand Prix dressage 
  • “Chaira” (cardano)jumps 140cm classes .

While his own siblings include:

  • ”Ichiro van bergshaam “(Don Juan de hus) licensed stallion 
  • "Leonardo” (Chagall) licensed stallion 

He’s a fabulous mover and his first jumps look exciting and natural.

A very nice horse for the future.

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