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Ref #: 277936
  • Seany will be a fabulous PC/RC/all-rounder in the future once he has been shown the way by a sympathetic, experienced rider
  • Connemara
  • Grey
  • Gelding
  • 4 years
  • 14.1 hands
  • Seany will be a fabulous PC/RC/all-rounder in the future once he has been shown the way by a sympathetic, experienced rider

I’d like to present Wendy General,  also known as Seany! 

Seany is a 14.1h, four-year-old registered Connemara gelding by General Humbert, Class One breeding throughout his pedigree and N/N for HWSD. I don’t think he will grow too much more so he should measure in. He also takes the leg up very well and has a lovely length of rein so rides a lot bigger than you think he might, I’m 5’7 and I don’t feel at all silly on him  

Seany arrived from Ireland unbroken but nicely handled in March and he has done all his ground work, education, backing and riding away with us here. He has a wonderful kind, patient, gentle temperament, loves a brush and a scratch, he was an absolute saint to have his first pair of shoes on, he stands like a rock for a bath and to tack up, you can take all his friends away from him on the yard and he doesn’t mind at all. 

Seany was a very good boy to back and ride away, he works on the long reins really well, I’ve taken him out on them around the cross country and fields and he has stepped up and down banks etc without a bother 

Seany hacks out very well indeed, he goes in front or behind happily, canters away quietly, he is not spooky or silly, he stands like an absolute rock at the mounting block and is no different if you don’t ride him for a week. He is very happy hacking out on his own.

He is working nicely in the school under saddle, he has three super, balanced paces, is light on his feet and uphill in his way of going. He is very straight, quiet in the contact, he hasn’t been pulled into a tight frame, he has been allowed to find his balance as he has only been backed a short time  

Seany will be a fabulous PC/RC/all-rounder in the future once he has been shown the way by a confident, capable rider. One of my jockeys (he is 5’9 and he doesn’t look massive on him) used to do Fledgling and BYRDS dressage as a child and when he sat on him last week he said that he thought he would be great for someone wanting their child to do that in the years to come. 

Seany has just started jumping in the last couple of weeks, he very much enjoys his work, and has shown himself to be very straightforward with fillers etc. He has had one outing on the xc and took it all completely in his stride, jumping ditches, water, steps etc, happy to jump from a trot as a nice baby should and not worrying at all about where his pal was when he went away from him  

A small capable, kind adult who is looking for a best friend to bring on through the years and enjoy the journey would be Seanys ideal partner, either that or a mum who wants to bring a kind little horse on for a future of Pony Club/shows/eventing for the children to step up onto! 

Seany is incredibly cute, a real favourite here on the yard and someone will have great fun with him. He hasn't been rushed or over produced, he’s done the basics well and is ready to go and learn all about the world! 

Please be aware that although he is sweet and kind and well produced, he is 4 and has recently been backed so please don’t call if you are looking for a first pony for your nervous novice child who has ridden at a riding school for a year! 

Please have a look at our Facebook page, Kerrie Fleming Horses, for a ton of videos/pics/updates on the bonny little lad, he is based here at Rabson Manor, SN4 9QF 

Please call/WhatsApp on 07888 675300 for a chat about him and for more videos and pictures 

Please contact me on 07888 675300 or by What’s  App (T)

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