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If CARLSBERG made 3 year olds, Queenie would be the most Carlsbergy of them all!

Ref #: 321045
  • Certainty for all PC / RC / BD / BE / Grassroots / Cotswold Cup
  • Fabulous, kind temperament
£6,250 OVNO
  • Connemara Part Bred
  • Mare
  • 4 years
  • 15 hands
  • Certainty for all PC / RC / BD / BE / Grassroots / Cotswold Cup
  • Fabulous, kind temperament
?? PRICE REDUCED TO £6250! ??

ASRising 4 years (2020) 

Currently just under 15h with growing to do, she is an extremely pretty part bred Connemara with breeding recorded on her sires side. 

From the moment Queenie arrived in July she has been nothing short of incredibly behaved. Settled, happy and friendly, always pleased to see you, in fact is always the first one at the gate when you go to get everything in, she is great to groom and tack up, ties up patiently on the yard with other horses around her, she is good for the farrier, goes out in the field with mares and geldings and doesn’t mind coming in on her own or leading in in a group of three. 

Queenie has a wonderful temperament, she absolutely loves a cuddle and is happy to spend all the time in the world with you. 

Queenie was backed in Ireland then turned away for a couple of months, since arriving here with us she has been incredibly behaved under saddle. She is no different if you leave her a few days or even weeks, (in fact she was impeccably behaved the first time we sat on her here, that would have been at least six weeks since she was last ridden) she stands like a rock at the mounting block, hacks out beautifully, is good in traffic and not reactive to loud noises etc, you can ride her out in howling wind and rain and she’s still sweet, she’s happy to lead the way or slot in behind, doesn’t change when her feet hit grass, canters steadily away in open spaces and is no different hacking around new routes, she is bonny and interested in what is going on around her without being at all sharp and if she has a green moment (which she is very entitled to have, she a a youngster after all!) she still feels safe and not like she wants to send you into orbit! 

We haven’t overdone her in the school- she is a baby after all- she is steady and patient yet responsive and unconcerned with other horses or what is going on outside. She genuinely gives me a lovely safe feeling already and it’s hard to believe she is only young yet, I love the way we can dollop about out hacking, on a long rein, admiring the countryside, chatting to your pal or catching up with a spot of admin on the phone.

She has popped some fences in Ireland and on the cross country here with us and has had one low key session over coloured poles,  she’s never been over faced or over jumped so has been happy to do as she is asked in a kindly fashion, she does everything in a snaffle, doesn’t bat an eyelid at fillers and enjoys herself whilst still behaving in the wonderful Queenie way. 

As you can see from the video, she was TOTALLY unconcerned by all the KFH flappy stuff that we bombarded her with here! 

A lovely stamp of a mare, Queenie is a certainty for all PC/RC/BD/BE/Grassroots/Cotswold Cup activities in her future with the right rider and ongoing correct training, will be a fabulous pal and a pleasure to have around for a capable, sympathetic rider while she is growing and progressing. She doesn’t mind different riders on her and while responsive, she is a nicely steady type who doesn’t overreact to things. Perfect for someone to enjoy bringing on quietly over the winter, doing lots of groundwork, showing her the sights, a bit of Working Equitation perhaps. 

Queenie is vaccinated, wormed, had her teeth done and had her first pair of front shoes on last week. 

Based here with us at Rabson Manor, SN4 9QF, Queenie and her amazing white eyelashes look forward to meeting you! 

Please call/WhatsApp on 07888 675300 for a chat about her


Ref #: 322863
  • It’s time for wonderful young man Merlin to find his new home
  • He has all the potential to be a fabulous PC/RC/ BS/BD/BE pony in the future
  • Connemara
  • Gelding
  • 4 years
  • 14.2 hands
  • It’s time for wonderful young man Merlin to find his new home
  • He has all the potential to be a fabulous PC/RC/ BS/BD/BE pony in the future

14.2h, rising 4 years old, Knockanish Elvis (Merlin to his friends) is a registered Connemara gelding by Robe Thunder out of a Caherlistrane Sammy mare. 

Merlin has the most fabulous, kind, gentle temperament and once he knows you he always does his utmost to please. 

He did a ton of groundwork with me here through the summer, he long reins extremely well and has never been silly about being girthed up or anything, then he has been backed and lightly ridden away in the last couple of months. 

He is a very sweet, patient fella, ties up on the yard very happily, loads and travels well, he is the first one at the gate to be caught, is content out in the field with mares and geldings and either leads in on his own or in a bunch of 2 or 3. 

Merlin has been quietly produced here with us as he was extremely nervous when he first arrived from Ireland at the beginning of the summer. It is a massive testament to his temperament that despite how absolutely feral he was, it very quickly became apparent that he was fantastically genuine and kind as he learnt to trust people. 

Merlin has hacked out on his own and in company, he is happy leading the way, he’s stepped over logs out on the tracks and had a canter and has had a trot round the school, he stands patiently at the mounting block. He is not a spooky type and is a very trusting soul, he has had a pop over some coloured poles and xc fences on the lunge and is straight forward with ditches, water, steps etc and he has a GREAT back end over a fence! 

Merlin is now back out in the field for a break, his perfect partner would be someone who enjoys building a bond with their horse, putting the foundations in for the future without overdoing a youngster. 

He has all the potential to be a fabulous PC/RC/ BS/BD/BE pony in the future with the right training and a sympathetic, experienced rider to teach him about the world. 

Merlin is based here at Rabson Manor in Wiltshire  with us, SN4 9QF

Please WhatsApp or call on 07888675300 for videos and a chat about him

A bit of a reduction in price if he’s bought on his break at the mo rather than me getting him in and going again, otherwise I look forward to seeing how fab he is going to be if I keep him till next year! 

Please contact me on 07888 675300 or by WhatsApp (T)

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