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Quality horses and ponies with proven track records from 11hh upwards

Specialising in hunters and allround competition types

Based Surrey


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Ref #: 341974
  • An ideal family horse
  • Irish
  • Dun
  • Gelding
  • 5 years
  • 16.3 hands
  • An ideal family horse

Something you don’t see every day and the kindest temperament you could find!

Rex is a super big horse. He’s kind, steady and a real leg at each corner but he’s a light ride who is forward thinking and never ever strong. Regularly ridden by tiny women in all situations in a snaffle, he really is a BFG!

Rex is working well on the flat and jumping a small course of coloured and natural fences. He has spent the past three months on loan to a riding school where he has taken a variety of riders both in the school and out hacking from novice upwards (not bothered by a riders wobble) and has also been used by the staff as escort and for training. He’s now ready to find his own human.

He is a super type that would be an asset to any riding school but equally is capable of a lot more than just plodding round. Rex has hunted in Ireland prior to being imported. He has been on pub rides with us and loves stopping for a pint and some fuss at the pub. He would be the dream armchair hunter and take a larger gent but equally is not strong or gobby and would give a smaller lady a lovely day out..

Rex rides very lightly for his size and type and is starting to work well on the flat. He has three good paces and is a very natural ride. Rex enjoys his jumping and will pop round a small course of coloured or natural fences. His temperament both in the stable and out under saddle is second to none.

Hes brilliant to box, catch, shoe, clip etc. He hacks out safely alone and in company and is good in traffic.

He would be an ideal family horse as could be ridden by all the generations and do a bit of everything. He’s a real one in a million!


Ref #: 341836
  • Super cute all rounder, RC cob, happy hacker or hunter
  • Cob
  • Black
  • Gelding
  • 5 years
  • 15.1 hands
  • Super cute all rounder, RC cob, happy hacker or hunter

We imported Bilbo from Ireland last spring and he sold straight away to a local lady who has had him for the year and done a lovely job schooling him and letting him see the world,  he has been on several fun rides and been very well behaved.

Unfortunately as she has two very young children she has had to accept that she hasn’t got time to continue with him as family commitments have to come first. He is a lovely kind and genuine boy who only wants to please. He is riding very sweetly on the flat and would be ready for a prelim dressage test, he’s a lovely mover and gives a nice ride, has a lovely mouth and a good rhythm to his work.

You can pick him up and ride him on the bridle but he will also go on a loose contact for a less experienced rider. He would make a super riding school cob. He has been jumping round small courses but this isn’t really his forte! He’s very willing and not bothered by scary fillers etc.

Bilbo hacks out alone and in company and is good in traffic. He’s going to give someone a lot of fun and gives a very steady yet not boring ride. He is gentleman in the stable, good to box, catch, clip, shoe ( currently barefoot as has great feet), load in lorry or trailer.

A really honest boy who will be his next owners best friend. 

Seen at livery.


Ref #: 340856
  • Silver is very easy to jump and very genuine
  • Grey
  • Gelding
  • 16 years
  • 14 hands
  • Silver is very easy to jump and very genuine

Irish unregistered Connemara mare 16yrs

If you are looking for a safe fun PC or hunting pony look no further than Silver! A little cracker who has a wealth of experience in all spheres having done all PC, NSEA teams at 90 cm, many seasons hunting and just being a really cool pony. Full history known, Silver has come to us as unfortunately she was bought for a novice 9 yr old child and is just a step too much.

Silver has done many years of PC all rallies, camps, teams etc for the Cidingfold Farmers PC. She would like to find a slightly older or more capable child that wants to go straight out and have fun. She is a super pony who loves to do a job and loves her jumping. She is happy jumping up to 90cm both SJ and XC but is happy to jump a bigger hedge out hunting! Silver is very easy to jump and very genuine, she will trot happily over smaller fences with a less capable rider or step it up a gear when asked giving a lot of confidence.

She is naturally forward thinking but not strong, always snaffle mouthed and stops as soon as asked. Silver has good flat work and will work on the bridle in the school. It’s not her favourite thing and she would be much happier flying round the countryside but will do what she’s asked. To hack she is perfect both alone and in company and is good in traffic. Silver has hunted several seasons with both the C&H and also with the Chid & Lec, she is a well known hunting pony in the area.

Her previous two homes are still in touch and wish to keep in contact as she’s always been well loved. Silver is brilliant to catch, box, clip, shoe, load. She is a little dream to have on the yard and no bother at all. 

Seen at livery.


Ref #: 337131
  • Talented / Brave / Scopey / competitive
  • Irish
  • Mare
  • 10 years
  • 16.2 hands
  • Talented / Brave / Scopey / competitive

Showjump / Event for keen ameteur. Qualified second rounds Brit Nov / Diso / Newcomer

Started her BS career last year with limited shows as juggling with children and work commitments, £260 Act 89 BS points in very limited outings.

Brave, careful and fast against the clock easy to turn and doesn’t waste time in the air. She’s rideable at home and in the ring, well behaved at shows/in the warm ups (super chilled on lorry to stud up, tack up, swap about)

Well schooled on her flat offering a powerful uphill balanced ride with straight athletic movement. . moves straight and very balanced rhythmic ride. Would produce a great dressage test.

Bee has been with current owner/rider a couple of years and is always in the ribbons out BS including jumping at The All England Jumping Course, Hickstead. She loves the big rings and atmosphere and just wants to go and have fun and win.

She is low mileage as she brought from a friend out of Ireland where she’d done riding club, hunted and has had some foals.

Bee has got a fabulous attitude towards her work and loves her jumping always trying her big heart out for her rather rusty rider, therefore the right person who’s going to appreciate what a big hearted mare she is.

Currently jumping 1.20m courses with ease and scope to go on. She’s low mileage for a 10yo as only been competitively showjumping the past year so not been messed around. Qualified second rounds, Discovery and Newcomers 2024

Has hunted, XC, etc. in previous Irish life. A genuine brave horse with having the right brain, big heart and ability to match who will give a keen rider lots of fun.

Suit competitive ameteur, kid off ponies  who wants to go showjumping or eventing and have some serious fun.

Sad sale as children/family circumstances mean rider just can't get out to shows currently and Bee is fit and ready to go and being totally wasted.

More vids available.

Advert placed on behalf of a client, she isn't based with us but only round the corner, please call Natalia in first instance to arrange a viewing.



Ref #: 340857
  • By Stanhopes Odwig
  • Dark bay
  • Gelding
  • 10 years
  • 16.1 hands
  • By Stanhopes Odwig

Super smart top end RC horse / hunter or grass roots eventer / show jumper could go showing. Oddie is a very lovely chap who would like to go to a home where he will have lots of fun and go and do things! He has been owned the past couple of years by a novice teenager who has now lost interest due to GCSE commitments. He’s a quiet ride and very well schooled so would be ideal for a rider who wants something flashy without the turbo button. You can safely put a novice on him and they won't die but he needs a decent rider inbeteween or he will take the mickey! Oddie has three very good paces and is very well schooled, he has basic lateral work, changes etc in place and would go and do a very good test.

He would be a super American hunter as has very easy changes and a very laid back way of going.  If you press the right buttons he goes like a dream but you don't ask you don't get with him.He’s got a lovely mouth and isn’t strong or sharp. To jump Oddie is very reliable, jumps off any stride and wants to be careful. We have schooled him round 1.10 and he’s plenty scopey enough for a bit more once fitter. Been out jumping with us in the ring at 90-1m and has been Mr reliable. He’s brave both SJ and XC and will have lots of fun BE.

Due to his past owners lack of experience he hasn’t got a record but is ready to go straight out and register in any discipline. We have been hunting him with the Surrey Union and he’s been a good boy, mannerly and happy to go off, stand on point, hold horses etc. he’s a very quality model and wouldn’t look out of place with any big pack. Oddie hacks out alone or in company and is good in traffic.

He is very well mannered on the floor, excellent to box, catch, shoe, clip etc. He can have the odd look at things when hacking alone but certainly not enough to unseat anyone or do anything naughty. He would like to go to a keener home as he’s been criminally under used the past couple of years and he loves to have a job to do! He will do everything, perfect horse to go straight out on, BS, BD, BE, hunt or maybe even some showing. He is the perfect gent in and out the stable, good to catch, clip, box, shoe etc and always a friendly face. 

Oddie was sold, passed full five stage vetting then has been sadly returned as was too much horse for novice teenage girl who thought that the best way to get him going was spurs and a big stick. Oddie thought otherwise and so has come back to us so is now looking for SOMEONE WHO CAN ACTUALLY RIDE and has a good seat and core. He is best with a sympathetic rider and as a schoolmaster has the correct buttons already installed but won’t respond well to bully tactics, he did nothing awful but had got spooky to evade her riding. We feel his ideal would be someone who wants something flashy and maybe a step down from a super sharp competition horse but still capable of doing everything well.

Seen at livery.
Natalia Thorpe - 07977 431829 Surrey 

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