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Quality horses and ponies with proven track records from 11hh upwards

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Based Surrey


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Ref #: 348116
  • New Forest
  • Bay
  • Gelding
  • 18 years
  • 14.2 hands

14.2hh 18yrs bay registered New Forest gelding. Registered name Brockenhurst Hawkwing 

Safe, fun all rounder who is no way near ready to hang up his shoes yet and loves his hacking and low level jumping! 

Sparrow has been with his current owner for 8 years and has had a lot of fun doing all riding club activities and teams up to 80cm. He has done countless sponsored rides, hacked extensively both alone and in company and been a lot of fun.

Sadly his current yard is closing and owner due to personal circumstances can not relocate so the difficult decision has been taken to find him a new home as he’s no way near ready to retire yet and loves his work.

Sparrow will go in the school and work on the flat nicely and has been very well schooled but ideally we are looking for a more fun home featuring a lot of hacking and some low level jumping (ideally 60-70cm with possibly the odd bigger fence at home)  as this is what he loves!

He’s best described as a steady ride but goes up a gear when jumping, nothing scary but nicely forward in to a fence and takes his rider.

To hack he is super, hacks alone or in company and is good in traffic. He’s been ridden here by a variety of teenagers ( from novice) and been good with all.

He’s a fun pony who gives a lot of confidence. He’s perfect to do everything with and nice on the ground with, but dislikes clippers which requires sedation. He’s easy to look after but a bit of a playful thug in the field so has been kept on individual turnout.

Owner is happy to disclose last 8 years of vet history and would love to stay in occasional contact. 

Price includes quality tack. 

Seen at livery. 


Ref #: 347759
  • A really cute boy who will make someone very happy
  • Cob
  • Dun
  • Gelding
  • 4 years
  • 15 hands
  • A really cute boy who will make someone very happy

To make a wonderful family all rounder, happy hack or go on and do all PC and RC activities. Dennis has been very kindly and quietly started by friends in the New Forest and has been extensively hacked round the forest, he’s met loose livestock, horses, lots of traffic and been on a chaotic family yard.

Taking everything in his stride. As you would therefore expect he’s taken to life on our busy working farm with no bother at all, good with livestock , tractors etc. he hacks alone and in company and isn’t spooky or silly and always looks to his rider for reassurance if unsure of anything. He’s not done lots of school work but is politely working round in all paces and starting to get an idea of riding on the bridle, he’s balanced and very trainable and always wants to please.

It won’t take long before he’s ready for a basic dressage test, he’s built on the bridle and has a nice mouth. He is an old head on young shoulders sort. He has met a small course of coloured fences and throughly enjoyed jumping. He has plenty of jump for unaff SJ and XC and will be out with us getting more education until he finds his new human. He has popped logs on the forest so far but is ready now for someone to put their own stamp on and make him their best friend. He’s a straightforward sort and easy to handle, catch, box, shoe etc ( met the clippers and didn’t fancy a haircut but I think will be fine with some desensitisation just hasn’t met them before).

Seen at livery. 



Ref #: 346530
  • Loves his XC is a real little powerhouse. Brave over everything pointed at
  • Irish
  • Skewbald
  • Gelding
  • 5 years
  • 148 cm
  • Loves his XC is a real little powerhouse. Brave over everything pointed at

Fun forward thinking pony who will go on to be a little super star, do all PC, junior BS, event , hunt etc. Dodgy will have a go at everything and do it well!

We imported Dodgy as a raw 3 yr old and sold him to his current owners. He has spent the past two years being the “fun one” on a large racing yard where he has been escort out hacking and on the gallops with the baby racehorses. In addition to providing comfort to his big brown friends he has been hunting with the Vine & Craven and Berks & Bucks Drag Hounds this past season and has also been ridden by a 12 year old girl out hacking him. 

To hunt Dodgy is a little machine, he is very very brave and adores his jumping, happy to stand patiently at meets and when asked on the field. He loves his XC is a real little powerhouse. Brave over everything pointed at just wants to get on with the job. Dodgy adores his hacking and will hack happily alone and in company.  

In the arena he hasn’t done loads of formal schoolwork but is working sweetly in a shape and has three very good , active paces and a natural way of going. It won’t take a lot to get him to ride a decent dressage test. He is again super brave to show jump, not phased by any coloured poles or fillers and has a good technique. We feel with further work he would go jump at least up to go hunter junior BS and will go and be one of those ponies that once on the circuit is very well known and hard to beat! He’s got the heart of a lion and always wants to please.

He’s just now looking for his next home where he can go and start having some serious fun with a capable junior or even a small adult. Only for sale as when purchased he was the same size and we all expected him to grow on but sadly he hasn’t and current owners wanted something a bit bigger and they feel he could give someone a lot more fun than they can offer. Good to box, catch, clip, shoe etc. 

Seen at livery 


Ref #: 346528
  • Ride and drive fun all round cob. Super safe happy hack or low low level all rounder.
  • Cob
  • Mare
  • 8 years
  • 13.2 hands
  • Ride and drive fun all round cob. Super safe happy hack or low low level all rounder.

Blagdon traditional cob mare 8 yrs

Flicka has come to find a new home as she has been working in a riding school and needs a change of scenery. She is a a very quiet cob who would suit most riders, she’s just got bored of endless circles in the sand school and prefers a more varied life as wasn’t getting to do any hacking or fun stuff. Previous to riding school work she was in a family home. She has been lightly broken to harness and took to it very quickly. We have tried her and she is best described as quiet but green in a cart. She’s good to hitch up etc. fine in a straight line but hasn’t quite figured out how to turn and cross her legs correctly yet, ideally if someone wanted her for driving they would put some work in to her, shes not ready for private drive competitions yet! Flicka will go in the school and works quietly. She has learnt a few cheeky habits though and is not suitable for teaching someone to canter on. With a better rider she is good as gold and won’t put a foot wrong but will take advantage of an unbalanced wobbly novice learning to canter! She will pop a small fence in the school or a log out hacking very sweetly.

Out hacking she will take just about any rider and will canter away very well. She will hack all day long alone or in company, loves a fuss at a pub stop. She’s fab in traffic and has been on a yard with a very busy road, motor way bridges etc. and not been remotely bothered. Ideally we are looking for a family or happy hacking home who will do a bit of everything but keep arena work to a minimum as she just does not enjoy it. She would enjoy endless hours hacking, pub stops, fun rides. Flicka is also happy to work sweetly on the lead rope, stands for hours being groomed and washed. She’s a delight to handle, box, catch, feet trim, clip. Happy to live in or out and best living out but is naturally on the larger side so needs her weight monitoring! 

Seen at livery price includes tack. 

We had sold Flicka but sadly she did not suit her new home as did not settle as an only horse so she has returned. A home with company is esential to her, although she is happy to ride away on her own and can be left she gets very shouty if she's totally isolated.
Natalia Thorpe - 07977 431829 Surrey 

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