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Sweet but green, pretty Welsh mare

Hansard Valentina (we call her Vera)

Ref #: 264925
  • Welsh mare looking for a new home
£3,500 ovno
  • Welsh Part Bred
  • Bay
  • Mare
  • 12 years
  • 14.1 hands
  • Welsh mare looking for a new home

Sweet, well put together and lovely paces but is still green and can be nervous if rider is, though not nasty in any way

Not for a novice or child learning to ride. Experienced home preferred. Good to handle.

She is currently out in field (just since this week) as under staffed and others taking priority - but she's always happy for you to get straight on and back to work

Oxfordshire good facilities

Have done a bit of everything with her though she lacks confidence with her work. Needs someone to put the time into her, build a good relationship and I am certain she will be a wonderful pony.

Covid has caused us chaos with staff shortages, isolation etc and she just fell to the bottom of the list and I hate to see her wasted as she could be a super pony - so advertising her to find her the bone she deserves.

Video of first time on her after a month off in the field (due to being away competing)


Danaway Suprano


Ref #: 263539
  • Has recently been BS registered & jumped a Welsh Home Pony Show
£3,500 ovno
  • Welsh Part Bred
  • Chestnut
  • Mare
  • 16 years
  • 12.1 hands
  • Has recently been BS registered & jumped a Welsh Home Pony Show

"Fizz" (Queenz Fizzy Whizzy) is a 16 year old chestnut mare who has done plenty of mounted games and unaffiliated jumping.

She came to us after the previous owner totally outgrew her but I don't really have a small enough jockey with the time to compete her.

After we did some schooling with her and developed her jump a friends daughter (Jess) took her to her first BS show at Welsh Home Pony where she was good as gold, coping with the atmosphere, spooky jumps, grass arena and hectic warm up! Jess learning too, had a few poles on the first day, a wrong direction second day and a great double clear on the last day - I don't doubt that this pony will be a great BS pony but she isn't ready made. Have jumped her round 90cm courses at home.

Fizz is forward but easy enough to stop with a balanced rider on top (Olivia rides her in a snaffle, smaller riders in a little pelham). She has a bit of a 'games brain' where she wants to get on with the job - she doesn't do standing still once you first get on (eg to sort out your stirrups). Not the best hack as she jogs all the way home but not spooky.

Lovely flash paces and plenty of jump with a good technique - happily goes off long or short stride

Happy in or out likes to have a friend :) Needs a little person to have fun with and love her - being wasted here and chucked out in the field at the moment as I have too much other stuff going on.

Good home very important but want hassle free sale

Based OX5 3DX please contact by WhatsApp message as rubbish signal here.


Beautiful pony with superb manners and loads of talent and untapped potential.

Ref #: 258385
  • 1st Place Welsh Home Pony Derby 2021.
  • Winnings at 90cm & 1m.
  • Schooling at home round 120cm.
£18,000 ovno
  • Warmblood
  • Bay
  • Gelding
  • 8 years
  • 148 hands (LHC)
  • 1st Place Welsh Home Pony Derby 2021.
  • Winnings at 90cm & 1m.
  • Schooling at home round 120cm.

Beautiful pony with superb manners and loads of talent and untapped potential.

Always ridden in a snaffle, will do an effortless dressage test (though current jockey not interested! Does changes, works in lovely outline, lateral movements, soft in the mouth etc), hacks out excellently alone and in company, has been ridden on the beach and in the sea swimming, loves to go X-country and has an unbelievable technique showjumping.

We have had 'Percy' 2 years now and he is a lovely character to have on the yard and easy to do. A real head turner and could excel in any field. Current jockey is mainly interested in showjumping and a more forward ride would be better suited to her as she is so small (not even 5').

Just won a 90cm Derby at Wales & West out of over 100 competitors - he loved every second of it and was one of only 5 clears inside the time!

This pony could be an awesome event prospect, show jumper or could even be trained up the levels as a dressage pony - needs someone with a bit of leg to wrap round him or effective from the leg - he has all the talent in the world but you do need to make him want to get out of bed and deliver!

Competitive & plenty of wins around 90cm-1m tracks but easily schooling at home over 115-120 - have jumped single fences at 130.

Serious enquiries by WhatsApp message or phone call please

Based between Oxford & Bicester.


Carnaval Pleasure Carnaval Drum Elite Marinier (Juriste X Bienvenue)
Polyantha Ster (African Drum X Iris)
Gina Armstrong (Ramiro Z X Terma)
Chico (Voltaire X Rijna)
Dizzy II

'Machno Remonts Revolution' Excellent all rounder

Ref #: 258392
  • Won his class yesterday in the 90cm at USJL.
  • Would do very well in showing classes I'm sure.
£15,000 ovno
  • Welsh Section D
  • Bay
  • Gelding
  • 14 years
  • 147 hands (LHC)
  • Won his class yesterday in the 90cm at USJL.
  • Would do very well in showing classes I'm sure.

This pony certainly has all the looks! 'Ray' is a very kind pony who loves a cuddle and a fuss and will stand to be pampered for hours.

He has a lovely snaffle mouth and rides very well on the flat with the usual expressive Welsh paces.

Ray enjoys jumping and would be excellent for someone wanting to gain confidence or be competitive around 90cm. We have jumped him much bigger at home but haven't looked at doing this in the ring.

Ray was purchased for his current jockey to get used to riding a bigger pony and to move up the jumping levels which he has done exceptionally well, she is now looking to move onto a pony with experience over bigger fences to help teach her the techniques required.

Ray hacks well, enjoys a blast around a field and has been up the gallops and very well behaved.

He is little bit sensitive to noises he cant see and can get tense in these situations though never does anything horrid - it is easily rectified with a reassuring pat so a kind gentle rider is preferred.

Won his class yesterday in the 90cm at USJL (unaffiliated show jumping league)

Would do very well in showing classes I'm sure. Lovely to have on the yard and deal with day to day.

Based between Oxford & Bicester

Please message via WhatsApp or call 07545 476485

Carregcoch Bleddyn Cathedine Express Parc Welsh Flyer
Catherdine Welsh Maid
Hengoed Princess Parc Sir Ivor
Hengoed Mattie
Machno Rhonwen Minyffordd Democrat Cwmbanw Principal Boy
Hendrewen Dawn
Howellfly Glantraeth Sion
Howellfly Zarah


Ref #: 258395
  • "CARLTON GUINNESS" (431633) - The wonder Pony!!
£28,000 ovno
  • Cob
  • Piebald
  • Gelding
  • 15 years
  • 134 hands (LHC)
  • "CARLTON GUINNESS" (431633) - The wonder Pony!!

Bought from a friend of mine a good few years back, in a past life Guinness was a race pony, we then retrained him as a show jumper and we owe all of Olivia's success to this pony!

Starting off with unaffiliated he was the pony that convinced Olivia that jumping wasn't scary and that o fence is too big! They quickly moved up the levels from cross poles, to 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm....winning an endless list of titles along the way. Guinness loves a crowd so the bigger the atmosphere the better he performs - I swear he knows the course - no jump off turn is too tight and no distance ever seems to be wrong for this guy!

Olivia then moved on to the world of BS where Guinness picked up and carried on his winning form, collecting their 4 double clears BN and then taking the win at 2nd Rounds (Bury Farm) on the first attempt! Disco next but with lockdown in the way by the time 2nd rounds came about Olivia was classed as 15 and not eligible to compete him in this class.

Instead we set off to all the major shows picking up loads of prizes along the way - with a huge highlight at POYS where Guinness and Olivia won the 80cm Grand Prix as well as leading rider.

Olivia is now desperate to jump the bigger tracks and wants to be eligible for second rounds etc so is going to step up to a 148 for her last year on ponies hence the heartbreaking sale of this much loved wonder pony.

Throughout all this, Guinness has been hacked and XC, ridden up the gallops, dressed up, taken part in the lockdown loo roll challenge, wizzed round any obstacle course they can find and been dragged to flat work lessons.

He will only be sold to the VERY best of homes to a rider that wants to learn to win and give him the fun competitive lifestyle that he thrives off - he doesn't care how big or small the course is but he wants to be at the front of the prize giving - probably even more than you do!

Guinness doesn't like much fuss, in fact he isa bit of a loveable grump - so if your looking for a pony to groom for hours on end - he isn't the one for you.

Turns out easily with any others, lives off fresh air, not shod (he seems to prefer it that way), never ever bucked or reared, prefers a friend to hack with.

SERIOUS enquires only - this pony will make your dreams of sashes and podiums come true!

WhatsApp messages or call 07545 476485

Based between Oxford & Bicester

  • 1st 80cm Intro Grand Prix Final POYS 2021
  • 1st 80cm Intro Grand Prix Qualifier POYS 2021
  • 1st 90cm Prelim Grand Prix Qualifier POYS 2021
  • Leading Rider 80cm & 90cm POYS 2021
  • Qualified BN 2nd Rounds 2019
  • 1st Place BN 2nd Round 2020
  • Qualified Disco 2nd Rounds 2021
  • Could not compete 2nd rounds as now 15 (he is 138)
  • Won classes at Scope, Bolesworth, Spooktacular - always in the ribbons
  • Supreme Champion & Reserve Champion Sunshine Tour 2019
  • 1st - 65cm Trailblazer Championship Final 2019
  • 12 & Under Cricklands Champion 2019
  • The list goes on....

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