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Veterans: Horses



Ref #: 249896
  • If you think your equine has what it takes, please contact one of the groups below
  • If you think your equine has what it takes, please contact one of the groups below

One of the main issues that RDA groups face is finding an Equine to suit the needs of the participants in their group.

We are regularly contacted with offers of Equines that are ‘the ideal RDA horse or pony’ when actually what is ideal for one group may not be for the next. We are trying to move away from the stereotypical view that RDA Equines are elderly and somewhat static, our horses and ponies need to be fit, healthy and athletic to cope with the lifestyle in an RDA group.

They can range from smaller, forward going ponies to weight carrying cobs and can take part in a range of disciplines from Riding to Carriage Driving, Vaulting to Show Jumping and Endurance.

If you contact an RDA Group about your Equine please be prepared to fill in an Equine Initial Interest Form which will ask you many questions about your horses’ temperament, health history, experience and lifestyle. Many groups will prefer to have an equine on trial to make sure they are suitable for the job.

For long term loans and purchases they will also be required to have a Pre-Purchase Examination.

If you think your equine has what it takes, please contact one of the groups below. 


RDA National Training Centre in Warwickshire
Please contact Charlotte Williams

Looking to loan or potentially purchase a 17hh and a 14.2-15-2hh equine for use at the RDA National Training Centre in Warwickshire. Will be used for RDA sessions, hacks, training days, competitions and commercial activity. Must be sane with a good trainable temperament and able to pass a minimum of a two-stage vetting. At RDA NTC equine welfare is our top priority with equines having a varied lifestyle, regular visits from healthcare professionals with loan agreements in place where applicable.


Gaddesden Place RDA 
If you know of a horse that might be suitable please call Louise on 01442 246924 or 07445 292680

Age 10+ yrs. Height 15.2 – 15.3hh, Weight Carrier - Geldings only
Comfortable on and off a lead rein
For RDA work so 100% bombproof
Well schooled and balanced
Patient when mounting
Trial period preferred - Loan or buy.


Saxon Group RDA, based in Wiltshire
Please contact Jo on 07397572294 or

Must be at least 5 years old and 15.1hh or larger. Soundness and temperament most important, we are happy to do any necessary schooling and training with the right horse so being green is not an issue. Must be good to handle on the ground.
The horse will preferably have a good walk for our graded independent riders. Great, knowledgable, 5* home offered within Riding school.
Herd turnout, with stabling possible. Lots of interesting and varied work including dressage competitions and fun rides,  not just plodding round on a lead rein! Ideally close to Wiltshire, bit willing to travel to view if not too far away.
Trial period a bonus.



15-15.3hh Ride and Drive
Must be over 5yrs old, preferably under 12yrs old.
Looking to purchase, but happy to loan. (We have a healthy budget.)
Must be open to a vetting.
We are a RDA centre, based near Downham Market in Norfolk


If you can help, please call Pippa Hughes 07710 556468

Looking for a people friendly cob, 14.2hh - 14.3hh ride and drive
8 - 12 years old, ideally with a couple of good years driving experience
In return we can offer a 5* home with excellent facilities



1x 15.2hh Irish Draught 8yrs upwards for our taller riders to enjoy in walk, trot and canter - able to compete in RDA dressage at all levels. Jumping for fun would also be a bonus. 

15hh connemara x irish type - Kind and caring for our more disabled riders to enjoy - must like people and happy to have people walking by the side to help the riders. 

Also Grade 3 para horse required - 15.2 - 16hh working at elementary/ medium level with proven competition experience and safety. Good Budget available. 

Full time RDA centre offering a 5* home with plenty of variety. 

Trial preferred but not essential. 


Herefordshire RDA
Please contact us on 01432 870 831 or email for further detail

We are looking for 15-15.2hh weight carriers. Mares or geldings. Aged between 5-12 years old
Fit & well, with a calm/ laid back manner and good with people
Good to handle on the ground and happy to stand still whilst mounting and dismounting.
An all-rounder, good in the school and hacking in open spaces
Must be open to vetting 
5* home, professional yard awaiting


The Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders
Please contact or phone 07752 405553
Based in Carshalton Surrey, we are looking for multiple types and sizes from 14 – 16.2hh
Good ground manners, laid back types. Don’t mind a little green or veterans, just a calm disposition needed.
 5* home with lots of pampering.
Have a look at our website or our Facebook to find out more about the centre.


Scropton Riding for the Disabled SCROPTON RIDING FOR THE DISABLED
Please contact glynis.dalley@scroptonequestrian or phone 07976104895
Based near Derby, we are looking for more 4-legged teammates; any size from 14 – 16.2hh
Having had to downsize our horse & pony team to survive Covid-19 closure, we’re now really struggling to grow again and meet demand for RDA sessions now we’re re-opening.
We’re a full time RDA centre, able to support around 300 local disabled adults & children…if we have enough horses!
Whether for sale or loan, we’re waiting to offer a great home to safe, sensible and people loving horses/ponies.
Visit to see what we do at our centre.


CONTACT: Di Redfern on 07798 893489 or

2 X 15.2hh Cobs - 5 – 15yrs
Safe ride with good/sensible temperament - Walk, Trot, Canter, Jump, Hack, Lead-Rein.
To buy, loan or gift - Must be open to vetting.
5* home awaits at a yard that has produced four different Paralympic, World and European Medallists.
Neighbouring Counties to Bucks only please.


CONTACT: Sammy on 07786734099 or

Looking for 2 X 15hh+ Horses to join our herd! Ideal horses will be:
~An all rounder, good out hacking including open fields
~ Have a great temperamentand be able to cope with varied schedule of RDA/ riding school/ hacking (different abilities) 
Must be open to vetting- loving home waiting 


CONTACT - 07931 688590 

Ideal requirements:

14hh - 15.2hh ~  Can hold a small adult or a child
~Been there and done it type ~ At least 5 years old
~Able to stand and wait patiently for mounting and dismounting. 
~Good brakes/go off the leg.  ~No spooking. 
~Be happy to be led and have people by their side when ridden.  ~No vices.
~Not phased by mounted games equipment
 ~Safe in all traffic
They get a varied life with lovely hacking nearby and lots of chances to go out and have fun. 


CONTACT - Email or call 07938 209691

We are looking for suitable ponies and horse/cobs to join us at our fantastic yard in Surrey.
(Purchases and long term loans will require an examination).
At least 6 years old. No vices.
Kind and patient on the ground and for mounting and dismounting.
Good on lead rein and not phased by sudden noises.
Reliable and safe out hacking.
12hh - 14.2hh ponies
14.3hh - 15.2hh weight bearing horses/cobs


Have you got a ‘nearly saint’ who could enable our RDA Carriage Driving participants to realise their ambitions?

Contact Eileen Cornish, RDA Carriage Driving Lead on 07833 712133 or

Groups all over the UK are desperately seeking ponies and horses who are already broken to drive. 

Aged over 6 up to mid-teens. 12. 2. to 15.2.

Good, solid, cob types or lighter-bodied equines - happy to stand still, tolerate people around them, and will maintain a steady walk and trot on tracks, roads, and in arenas.

Excellent homes assured with knowledgeable owners and steady work.


Barrow Farm RDA, based in Chelmsford, Essex

Contact:  01277 822927 or

15hh weight carrier type

Between 8 - 14 years

Responsive but not sharp

Good to do in all ways.

5* home waiting with knowledgable staff who work with the horses welfare as their top priority. 

Wanted - alrounder type 14.3-16h / experienced type / buy or perm loan / exp home

Ref #: 336885
  • Home for life- dont mind older type if sound
  • Very exp lady - private home
inc VAT
  • Home for life- dont mind older type if sound
  • Very exp lady - private home
Desp seeking a nice non quirky - non wizzy horse to buy / consider long term loan, or LWVTB,14.2-16hh ish.. pref to buy not loan

Dont mind the older horse if everything disclosed &horse still happy @low level competition & daily hacks, clinics.. still happy to jump 80- 90 -2.9 occasionally . Not wanting anything which had or has serious medical conditions which arnt easily maintained.. no kissing g spines unless operated on.

My old boy still with me @ 26. Imnot into selling on

Ive done alot of competition over the yrs, BS& BD BE but no horse to jump means ive not properly competed for 3 yrs. Still want to get out lower level competing occasionally & clinics. Lots of hacking in the forest here! Not wanting just a happy hacker. Must be straight forward, kind type to have around& ride! Definitely no buckers,rearers or bolters thankyou.

Must have some comp exp so nothing green Happy popping an 80-90 course if poss & going well on the flat. Xc exp a bonus.School master /or done a bit type to get me bk into low level jumping & having abit of low level fun. May consider younger if its not too green& a sensible type with some jumping experience.

Private home -kent. V exp rider.

Lots of hacking . Not wanting a kick, along plod, just not too wizzy or super forward. Im very exp , just not wanting quirky or wizzy busy types anymore,

Any breed- colour if buying my budget is at 8 k ish,

Won't dismiss older if sound & a few yrs of low level fun left. Home for life, will never sell
14.2-16h ish. Sorry but no ex racers& nothing too heavy / chinky as im tiny at 5.3
Price negotiable

Great Pony Club/ mother and daughter share

Ref #: 341840
  • Forward going and fun to ride. Ideal for a pony club rider or someone who wants to have fun.
  • Produce as a showing horse and competed at the Royal Welsh Show
  • Great tecnique and attitude over fences
£4,500 ONO
  • Welsh Section D
  • Chestnut
  • Mare
  • 19 years
  • 15.1 hands
  • Forward going and fun to ride. Ideal for a pony club rider or someone who wants to have fun.
  • Produce as a showing horse and competed at the Royal Welsh Show
  • Great tecnique and attitude over fences

Approx 15.1 hh chestnut mare welsh cob by Llanllugan Mikes Lad and Ebbw Sian by Ebbw Prince.

She is just turned 19, she is sound and passed a 5 stage vetting, she still have lots to give and very willing to have fun.

We have took her out to a show jumping competition and xc schooling. She travelled and behaved well away from the yard.

She is a fun horse to ride with good and correct paces, a good tecnique and attitude over fences.

She has jumped up to 80-85cm with plenty of scope.

She is forward going especially with the jumping and would suit an intermediate rider who wants to have some fun.

She had a showing career in the past and has been to the Royal Welsh Show in 2012 and 2013.

She hacks alone and in company, she is good with farrier, vets, clip and to catch. She lives in or out. Genuine reason for selling. Open to vetting.

Llanllugan Mikes Lad Cascob Braveheart
Ebbw Sian Ebbw Prince
Cledlyn ladybird


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