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Salamanca Orange S/J Event Star

Ref #: 319423
  • Solid track record in British Showjumping
£25,000 no VAT
  • Belgian Warmblood
  • Bay
  • Mare
  • 5 years
  • 16.2 hands
  • Solid track record in British Showjumping
Introducing the Salamanca Orange S/J Event Star.

Meet the exquisite Sally, a 5-year-old, 16.2hh bay warmblood mare who radiates elegance and charm. She's a standout beauty in every way, boasting not only a striking appearance but also an endearing attitude and temperament. Sally shines in flatwork, reflecting the careful and patient training she's received as a show jumper. However, her versatile nature makes her a promising candidate in various equestrian disciplines, including the possibility of excelling as a top-tier hunter or wowing judges in Working Hunter competitions. Her solid track record in British Showjumping speaks volumes about her capabilities.

Noteworthy Achievements:

BS Winnings: £262
BS Points: 124
Qualified for Newcomers 2024
Qualified for Discovery 2024
Consistently impressing in Newcomers and Age classes

While Sally has been meticulously developed, there's still untapped potential waiting to be unleashed in this remarkable mare. Her innate strength became evident during cross-country schooling, where she embraced the new challenge with ease. Sally's bravery and precision over natural obstacles, coupled with her easygoing nature, make her an exceptional prospect.

This sale comes from the heart, driven by genuine affection for Sally. Our utmost priority is to find her a loving home where her talents can flourish.

Sally is the epitome of equine perfection with no stable or ridden vices. She's a joy to handle, a pleasure to hack, and an all-around wonderful horse.

Price: £25,000

For more information and to inquire about Sally's future in your stable, please reach out to Julian at 07818052178. Your journey with this exceptional mare awaits.



Ref #: 314796
  • Sire - KANNAN
£12,500 no VAT
  • Anglo European
  • Bay
  • Gelding
  • 6 years
  • 16 hands
  • Sire - KANNAN
Introducing a magnificent Homebred 16hh 6-year-old bay gelding, a perfect blend of Warmblood and Irish bloodlines. Boasting the esteemed "Kannan" as his sire, he carries an illustrious heritage. His demeanor and temperament are truly exceptional, making him a joy to be around. On the flat, he's making excellent progress, showcasing three graceful paces and a calm, composed posture.

In the realm of showjumping, his behavior is impeccable, demonstrating remarkable courage. When tackling cross-country fences, he fearlessly takes on each challenge with boldness. While he may not be destined for the grand prix stage like his sire, we firmly believe he'll shine as a top-tier Riding Club horse or excel in low-level B.S. / B.E. competitions.

This beloved homebred holds a special place in our hearts, but we understand that he deserves a home where he can truly thrive. He's a delightful companion for hacking and a breeze to handle both in and out of the stable. Riding him is a straightforward and enjoyable experience, as he responds beautifully to a snaffle bridle.

With good hooves, sound conformation, and flawless looks, he's poised to make a statement in the show ring. We welcome any veterinary inspection and offer excellent trial facilities, he's undeniably a genuinely lovely horse that deserves a caring forever home. For more information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Your next equestrian partner awaits.

For further details, please contact Julian at 07818052178.

Located in the East Midlands


Ref #: 315515
  • A simply stunning well mannered well bred 4 year old
  • KWPN chestnut gelding
£20,000 no VAT
  • KWPN
  • Chestnut
  • Gelding
  • 4 years
  • 16 hands
  • A simply stunning well mannered well bred 4 year old
  • KWPN chestnut gelding

A simply stunning well mannered well bred 4 year old KWPN chestnut gelding, superb breeding by Eros Platiere (**)X (papillon Rouge) dam line brings forward the legendary For Pleasure!

(*Eros Platiére is a sturdy, generously muscled stallion, who during his years jumping huge managed to impress. Eros was become an international hit. 2nd Trials CSI **** Vichy.

His father Papillon Rouge (Jalisco) is a son of the stallion Jalisco, and a grandson of the legendary chef de race Alme (Ibrahim). Papillon Rouge ran an impressive international career in CSI and CSIO level under Xavier Leredde (ISO 180). He won including a gold medal at the Jeux Méditerranées (1991), took part in the Barcelona Olympics (1992), and became champion of France (1993). Also in breeding Papillon Rouge was a hit. He is the father of a long series of sport horses and stallions, which include the Amazon Moens, Eclair des Bois, Fleche Rouge and Mozart des Hayettes*)

Introducing an exquisite young horse that embodies elegance and charm. With his striking appearance, adorned by four large white socks, a broad white blaze, a captivating splash of white on his belly, and a stunning flaxen mane and tail, he truly is a vision of equine beauty.

While he may not be destined for the highest tiers of showjumping, his gentle disposition sets him apart. This remarkable temperament makes him an ideal companion to be produced as an amateur show jumper or as a promising candidate for the world of eventing and dressage.

His journey this year has been one of careful nurturing, with patient guidance bringing out the best in him. His movements flow gracefully, boasting three impressive paces that showcase his innate talent. Pablo's recent introduction to pole and jumping exercises has unveiled a bold and enthusiastic attitude , a true testament to his eagerness to excel in his newfound role.

Although he is still refining his jumping skills, his ease and confidence in this realm are undeniable. His outings to BS training shows have been marked by impeccable behavior, a testament to his willingness to learn and adapt. He embraced cross-country training jumps with open enthusiasm, demonstrating a natural affinity for the challenge.

Beyond his equestrian pursuits, Pablo's love for companionship shines. He enjoys group hacks and delights in the attention lavished upon him, both within the stables and during grooming sessions.

Regrettably, this sale comes from a place of necessity, as the owners daughter embarks on her university journey, leaving Pablo seeking a new chapter filled with love and care. We earnestly seek a wonderful home that can provide him with the affectionate environment he so deserves. Priced at £20,000, this is an opportunity to welcome Pablo into your heart and equestrian life.

Please contact Julian Muncher on 07818 052178

Based East Midlands

Elite Future Sport Horse


Ref #: 309559
  • An Exceptional Young Horse Prospect Awaits!
£20,000 no VAT
  • Zangersheide
  • Chestnut
  • Gelding
  • 4 years
  • 16.1 hands
  • An Exceptional Young Horse Prospect Awaits!

Introducing an extraordinary rising star - behold a stunning Zangershiede-bred chestnut gelding standing at around 16hh, with even more growth potential at just 4 years old. This exceptional horse exudes a remarkable demeanor and displays a maturity beyond his years. Having been broken in last year and given a well-deserved break, he has returned to training, showcasing an effortless grace and an earnest eagerness to please his rider. His jumping abilities are nothing short of extraordinary, unveiling a natural talent and an uncomplicated approach. Despite limited experience over fences, his undeniable attitude and aptitude make him an outstanding contender for this year's age classes and beyond. Discovering a young horse with such extraordinary talent, coupled with a relaxed temperament and exceptional potential, is a rarity. He recently made his debut in competitions under a BS ticket, and his performance was nothing short of magnificent, demonstrating an incredible flair and an impeccably careful jump. Check out the video below to witness his stunning debut from last week.

Not only does this promising prospect excel in his abilities, but his pedigree is also truly exceptional. Bred from the finest stock, he carries the bloodlines of numerous esteemed 5* 1.60 performers, including the impressive sire, Chello VD Bisschop Z.

Let's delve into some insights about him:

"Cello VD Bisschop Z, an enchanting grey stallion, captivated audiences at the BWP Stallion Show. His powerful yet elegant jumping style, combined with flawless technique and breathtaking appearance, left an indelible impression. Cello's pedigree is truly remarkable. His sire, Cicero Z, is renowned as one of the world's premier showjumping producers, while his grandsire, Stakkato, has achieved legendary status in the Hanoverian breeding scene. However, it is the damline of Cello VD Bisschop Z that sets his pedigree apart. Tracing back to the famous Usha van 't Roosakker, Cello comes from a line of exceptional jumpers. His dam, Mandy VD Bisschop, is a daughter of the promising mare Josephine VD Bisschop, who successfully competed at the 1.45m level under Italy's Alberto Zorzi and currently competes internationally with France's Jeanne Sadran. The great-granddam, Evita van 't Roosakker, has also produced several international showjumpers. Notable names within his lineage include Isaac VD Bisschop, Jackson VD Bisschop, Cella, Equador, Emperio van 't Roosakker, and many more. Cello VD Bisschop Z undeniably represents a valuable asset to Dutch breeding, highlighting a top-notch pedigree, an exceptional damline, and extraordinary talent."

This exceptional young horse has been meticulously bred to conquer the grandest jumps in the sport. Do not miss the opportunity to acquire him, as he is offered for sale for a limited time only before further development for top-level competitions.

Priced at £20,000, this extraordinary talent awaits a fortunate rider ready to embark on a path to success.

For further details, please contact Julian at 07818052178.

Located in the East Midlands

Cello VD Bisschop Z Cicero Z Carthago Z
Rendez Vous Van Paemel
Mandy VD Bisschop Stakkato
Josephine VD Bisschop
Amber CD Z Andiamo Z Animo
TAJ Mahal X
Remonda VH Schaarbroek D’O Remondo
Jabahlette Scgaarbroek X

 Contact Julian Mincher on 07818 052178 Leicestershire

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